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  1. Ha. Yes the gun reload is pretty slow. Guess I'm still reeling from my King Tiger platoon getting knocked out by them.
  2. We need those loose chinstraps!
  3. Yeah I didn't think were actually made for Shock force 2, but I thought I'd try. Also yeah those Iranian uniforms look really good.
  4. Any uniform mods for the Iraqi Army out there?
  5. Nah. Partisans will be awesome. Not every scenario needs to have a tank.
  6. I wasn't around for the Cold War but studying the history of Russia was what made me an Eastern Front fan. Something about two titanic terrible regimes punching each other to death on the steppes.
  7. Although I'm excited for Cold War, Fire and Rubble is what I need. I think it will probably come out this month. Then CW. We're going to be busy.
  8. Did the volksturm ever slug it out with partisans in ww2? Maybe in East Prussia perhaps? Also, with the two para-military forces we can now simulate the German Communist revolt of 1918!
  9. Just tried out the first mission. Super impressive. Only problem my finns keep running out of the trenches to their doom when panicked! I assume this may need the Fire and Rubble patch to work correctly?
  10. They said they planned a 2-month turn around after pre-orders were announced. So it should release next month. After locking one of the threads recently Elvis remarked that it was so close to release that a feature thread was practically moot. So soon soon?
  11. With the WW2 titles I can't seem to use indirect fire from my on map Priest's, Hummels and Wespes via a forward observer. Oddly the only self-propelled arty that I can use as its role is the "Grille" in CMBN. What's the point of bringing these? Tanks, tank destroyers and assault guns seem to be far more effective in every way. They aren't particularly well armored, so you can't get them anywhere close enough. Are they more accurate? I suppose just park them on a hill and use direct fire?
  12. Yes the AI usually picks ill-advised choices in QB. I always pick for them and make sure they have a balance of infantry and vehicles. Then I just try to forget what I gave them when the map starts.
  13. I have great memories of immobilzing one in Final blitzkrieg then sending a Stuart to it's rear to take it out. Used all of it's AP rounds and the crew didn't even bail
  14. The US will have transitioned fully to the M43 uniform by module's end I believe. No idea for the German's probably just a hodge podge of smocks and coats. The Brit's I don't know either... did their standard uniform change after 1944?
  15. Contains a lot of footage I've never seen on a segment of the war I know very little about. There's a lot of inspiration for the next Final Blitzkrieg module!
  16. I'm also curious why CM Cold War has a release date but Fire and Rubble does not. Is it because of the collab with Slitherine?
  17. I would love a Warsaw Uprising Campaign or Scenario. Modded partisan uniforms with the home army armband. With all the new urban assets! It could be fantastique!
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