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  1. I hear you. That's why I said it would be nice if it was "moddable." I just prefer the ragtag look instead of the uniform look of the early war.
  2. Okay perhaps moddable with the heer/ss then. Wow. You guys have put so much work in. Amazing!
  3. Wait so the we got the field caps mixed with the helmets!?
  4. I get the house to myself for a week starting Saturday. Come on Battlefront!
  5. I at first hated playing as the Soviets since I'm fairly methodical and cautious. But you just gotta let that go. Take the casualties and keep pushing. Instead of throwing 1 platoon at the enemy throw 3. But the US airborne are definitely my favorite. Great morale and they have an answer for almost every problem.
  6. Details the lesser known massacre during the Ardennes Offensive. Interesting subject that doesn't get talked about enough.
  7. I like how crudely made the British tanks look. I'm partial to the Cromwell in particular.
  8. Go East? I'm going WEST. Vashe zdorov'ye!
  9. I think if we were talking about effectiveness the Churchill Crocodile comes to mind. Might not be the "best" but it really got the job done in 44/45.
  10. Yeah. Sure gonna be nice not checking this forum everyday!
  11. If you have dropbox you could just post it here for the time being.
  12. I think grenades could be more intuitive. I'd like to see if they could increase the grenade throwing distance a bit. Also, it would be nice if the AI was inclined to throw grenades more or even held a grenade and had it ready anticipating close combat. Secondly a "breach and clear" command for (at least the modern titles) rifle squads who don't have demo charges would be cool. Something that differs from assault by having your soldiers always throw grenades first.
  13. Yeah I've never understood by modder can't upload their mods themselves on that site. Seems like a lot of work for one guy.
  14. Wow yeah I was just curious if there were Iraqi uniforms for shock force 2. Are these scenarios compatible with the latest game?
  15. Gotcha. Thanks for the response Elvis. I think we all just really want to play the new module especially when so many are sitting on their hands with the world being the way it is. Cheers
  16. I don't get it. CW was announced this year with a release date. This was announced forever ago and nothing? How does that make sense?
  17. I just wish the Soviet squads didn't have all sub machinguns and run out of ammo in five turns.
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