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  1. Wow, you are a true credit to the community! Thank you!
  2. Guy laying down suppressive fire with a sidecap on. Could be staged, but I really don't think it's farfetched that some German soldiers abstained from wearing their stahlhelm every minute of combat. They're uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time and given the ragtag state of the German army by 45 it's possible they didn't even have enough to supply all of their troops. (This photo is from 1943 though)
  3. How does one convert them? Because they aren't showing up in QB. And in scenario editor the maps are blank
  4. Right, but having helmets and caps mixed for the infantry. That doesn't work.
  5. Yeah, that's the dream. To have these caps mixed with other headgear. Perhaps in CM3!
  6. You can place quick battle maps from FB to CMRT?
  7. Also someone mentioned campaign generator earlier which I never even considered. That would be very nice indeed. Oh, and a special assault command for buildings where infantry throw grenades first!
  8. I don't have a problem with the animation. I have a problem with their reaction when coming under fire. They don't drop to the ground immediately. There's usually a couple of moments where they're still walking around. I guess this could simulate confusion but somewhat frustrating anyway. Perhaps this is scaled in regards to the unit's experience... I haven't done any tests.
  9. You gents should still be on vacation! Thanks for the patch!
  10. Right? The wheeled 20mil was found on every front and used for anti infantry as much as anti-air. Let me move them!
  11. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1148490/Second_Front/ This game looks interesting! Not completely drawn to the cartoonish style, but the gameplay could scratch that itch! Comes with a scenario editor!
  12. This runs a little choppy. Perhaps coming back after the optimization overhaul will be in order!
  13. This looks pretty interesting. You could model the partisans on the "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" which aren't discussed much in comparison to the Polish resistance fighters. They have a somewhat ominous reputation but were also very effective for a time. They even assassinated a high ranking soviet General (Vatutin.) As for them defending a heavily damaged city against Soviet troops? I have no idea.
  14. Asking as a newbie. I'm sure it's somewhere around here. Is there a video that details the whole process from the map creation to AI pathing?
  15. Is this Steel Panthers as well? The city images remind me of Civ 4, my all time favorite.
  16. Thanks I figured it out. I didn't have my graphics settings all the way up!
  17. Only the first couple of soldier skins (1-4) actually present in the game.
  18. I tried importing my Black Sea American skins into CW and I don't see them. Looking into the data files it seems their names should be the same. Goes for my russian skins too.
  19. Thank you MikeyD! Well that must explain it! That's interesting to me that the Germans would use forward observers to control air movements on the western front but not the eastern. Does this have historical context?
  20. I can't seem to use a pre battle air attack. Don't have this problem with any other game. Is this normal? It then switches to "preparing" but I've never even ordered an attack of any kind. After 20 turns played I still cannot use any air support as either the Germans or Soviets.
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