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  1. Some sort of weekly/monthly dev blog at least would be nice.
  2. Well that accelerated. Let's talk about the game instead. There are some defensive missions on the German Campaign "A Moment in Time" in CMBN that I enjoyed. There's one where you defend a bridge with inferior Kriegsmarine troops against paratroopers. It's at night, so they just rush the bridge with SMG's. I also recall some huge scenarios of CMFI where you defend from a massive German counter-attack at Anzio. Can't recall which one specifically but taking out their tigers was pretty challenging with only m4 Shermans. I think a German defensive campaign could be done right with a couple
  3. I think the advanced training campaign Invasion of Gela is good campaign to start with if you wanna play as the Americans.
  4. I like the terrain in CMFI the best. I find the mountain combat to be particularly interesting with it's simultaneous long range duels and close quarters fighting over the peaks. It also starts in July 43 so there's so mid war stuff available. CMFB is a must if you're a Battle of the Bulge Fanatic. Honestly get both eventually!
  5. Yeah it would be interesting how Battlefront would implement all the amphibious landings.
  6. It's been confirmed that Battlefront will create a module that covers the final months of the war on the western front. I think a Remagen bridge campaign is already pretty likely. That or the Americans at the Ruhr Pocket. My number one hope would be adding the Free French Forces with more assets at their disposal. I'd love to see a French campaign for the Colmar Pocket. Brits/Canadians in Northern Germany would also be cool. I'm not sure what a German Campaign would be... perhaps a desperate defense with ad hoc formations? [Paderborn comes to mind.] It would even be wild to see the 101st
  7. This is kind of the same deal as the Soviet Calvary Squadron uniforms in Red Thunder. There are textures marked "[cavalry]" but you can't set their appearance as such. Suppose it's for a scenario but it seems odd to do that work for nothing!
  8. He used to send them to you via PM. I pmed him last year and no response. Anybody got his uniform mods? Preferably the one's not on FGM. Thank you!
  9. Cary Fukunaga directed some of the episodes of True Detective Season 1 so I'm hyped!
  10. Not feeling the art style. At least the really bright hues. Story could be interesting though!
  11. Wait so you're telling me my platoon of Elefant's shouldn't cross that wooden bridge? 😔
  12. Hello! I've never played multiplayer but have extensive experience in Scenario, Campaign and QB. I have all titles besides Black Sea but I'm thinking I'd like to start with WW2. I work from home so I have a decent amount of time to play. I don't have a Nation preference. Thinking of perhaps a small sized battle for my first one. Send me a PM! Thank you!
  13. Your own QB maps you say..? May you bestow these upoun us unworthy folk?
  14. I've heard this a couple of times and one of my history professor's in college pointed it out. That many of the "quality" recruits in 44 went to the logistical services and not the frontline troops. The US Army was also noted to have superb Officer Corps. I read somewhere that this changed in 45 and the standard US infantry improved greatly but this was after most of the large battles in the West. My grandfather was a rifleman in the 4th when they fought at the Siegfried line and he never really mentioned anything about quality. Albeit he didn't see the war from a macro scale. There were good
  15. I have not. Perhaps I'll try it after I'm done with my 10th Mountain Campaign in Rome to Victory. Canister rounds are always fun. Is the Pershing in Final Blitzkrieg? I don't think the tank arrived till March 45 or something. Or maybe it's in a CMx1 game?
  16. Nothing I like more than using the quad 50's on the halftracks in Final Blitzkrieg. Placing them in ambush behind a house or barn for some shoot and scoot. It's nice to take down whole squad's in one turn. I know they aren't the most all around effective weapon but using them efficiently is really satisfying. Alternatively I friggin hate facing Stummel halftracks. They're extremely effective in urban battles. I've lost whole squads to only a couple of rounds. What's some of your favorites and why? Modern titles and infantry units included too! 3rd, an honorable mention is the Puma Armored
  17. Can we get any information about the playable campaigns for the module? Or any prominent scenarios?
  18. Agreed I love the module. I'm just curious if this was simply overlooked or intentional? I want to use all their units!
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