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  1. I haven't posted in a long time. My computer's hard drive failed and I just recently got a new one. So here you guys go! I wanted to have a Band of Brothers type theme. So I took this pic.(Edited of course ) Hope you guys enjoy!
  2. Oh and just to let you guys know, I made it more pixelated when I was editing. The reason for that is I wanted the photo to look like photos you see from the war in the middle east today, a bit pixelated. Just to try and add to the realism!
  3. Here is another angle of the same shot...
  4. Hey guys, I just bought Combat Mission: Shock Force and I decided to take a cool screenshot. I edited it a bit to make it seem more realistic. Hope you guys enjoy, and feedback is welcome!
  5. I know, I really want to get those games too so that I can have the full set! Thanks! I use a bunch of Veins mods for the textures and I have a couple of sound mods but this is really cool. Going to go get it now! How about this?
  6. Thanks, and I bet I will stay for a long time, CMBN is such a great game. Nope they we're the enemy. 3 squads and 2 machine guns we're just around the corner and they shot 'em up.
  7. Hey Guys, I started playing CMBN for a couple weeks now. I discovered that there was a screenshot thread, and I decided to give it a try. So here you go. I call it "The Highway of Death and Destruction" maximdim
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