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  1. CM is already quite unattractive to most people, because of it's complexity and the necessary micromanaging. Wishes of even more control and more micromanaging will definately lead to even less customers. Reducing the 60 seconds? Are you insane? Double the turns in PBEM, even more time for micromanaging? Who wants to play that?
  2. IMO the game has already enough commands. And I didn't want to micromanage even more. I'd prefer a solution that uses what we have already and feels more "intelligent". For example: the HIDE command for a vehicle makes the vehicle "shy" during movement (quite intuitive, isn't it?). The vehicle reverses for example until it's AI determines the "threat" is gone (i.e. loses LOS). If the HIDE command is activated and the vehicle is on the move, and a PAUSE order at the next waypoint exists, the PAUSE command would not be discarded but used to determine how long the vehicle stops, be
  3. @exsonic01 Good point. For example it was the reason why I stopped playing and buying new releases, because it's not possible to use recon vehicles and other lightly armored vehicles in a realistic way. If my vehicles behave like tanks and I have no possibility to make them "shy" and reverse, I had asked myself more and more often, why I should micromanage that single, much less powerful infantry unit.
  4. Can't find any info about it but to me it seems this is not included? 1. Map damage not preserved in campaign-mode? 2. Do recon/light armored vehicles with activated HIDE-command retreat when facing deadly threats inatead of stopping or even engaging tanks?
  5. My impression is they do not really depend on the cashflow from retail: Delaying the release of a game without really big improvements over more than a year? Without any explanations? Then after more than one year their webshop suddenly is not ready for the long planned release? While the boss is playing around with the webshop, but only if he finds time for it between his Russia-bashing comments. And then the boss is traveling around instead of getting the release for the retail customers out? This very much reminds me of a state sponsored company, not dependent on retail customers.
  6. I agree. I believe screenshots released and the announcement that the game was more or less done, was made in January - 2015...
  7. I fear you don't recognize that Putin is the culprit. They really do their best to look at their webshop problems, between the discussions about the evil Russians.
  8. On all computers I used CM, turns are calculated very quickly, even in large scenarios. Turn calculation with all the LOS/LOF checks always is much faster than the resulting 1 minute of action. It would prefer it the other way around: if LOS/LOF/SPOTTING calculations would be much better. They should eat up much more CPU power. I'd prefer better LOS/LOF and spotting behaviour, smaller actions spots and more orientations of buildings or streets and I'd gladly exchange that for waiting several minutes for a turn to be calculated.
  9. You're an optimist, aren't you? If one among the highest judges is found dead with a pillow on his face and prosecutors immediately say there is nothing to see here, move on - and all media remain silent, you believe elections can change course?
  10. Still no FB? Because of the webshop? Really? That shop redesign must set new standards among cyber companies, if it takes longer to build than an Amazon. The good thing is, as long as the boss is engaging in personal political discussions only, their business seems to be running extremely well and pressing forward seems no necessity. I personally beg to differ, because FB is a winter-wargame. To me as layman the release during spring and summer seems not the best idea. Not for releasing a game and even less for a winter game. But maybe being in a niche without any real competition has it's ow
  11. No the problem obviously is the background beyond the map, because there is no fog applied beyond map edges. That makes the grey foggy tree silhuettes look too bright compared to the totally fog free and dark background.
  12. I recently finished a scenario with lots of infantry hiding in small wood pockets. I was positively surprised how low the visibility is. I think what is crucially important to understand: in CM trees do not make a wood but only are one part while the other part is the ground foliage which must be thick wood, too for them to match expectations of thick wood. Probably some of the complaints about LOS could be avoided, if the game would display the action spot map elements the cursor is hovering over. If it would say i.e. "grass, trees" then players would not expect wood blocking LOS.
  13. How big will the download be? (only mobile broadband user here).
  14. Why? I like it actually, because trucks are quick and there is no need to withdraw an infantry team from the frontline.
  15. Guys you nailed it. The Panzerfaust belongs to the truck-driver! Tx.
  16. I have tried it with two different teams and I cannot aquire the Panzerfaust which is located in this Opel. No PzF listed. Any ideas why? Blitz.bmp
  17. c3k, I strongly disagree, yes I even protest against this attitude. Just play a huge battle against an attacker with lots of artillery and men. Make it to survive very well. Stop the attack with your artillery and when you are about to start the counter attack and have best chances to wipe him off the map, he offers a ceasefire! Good sportsmanship to accept? BS! This attitude to offer ceasefires and if they are not accepted to surrender and stop the game should be outlawed. There is lots to learn in all phases of the game. And one has not the right to go away, if things look bad. A game has a
  18. Congrats Baneman! Big Kitty was hit only once, wasn't it? So even without it, you would have fared well. And last but not least a praise to the programmers. No crash although it's beta only. I must say, that I am extremely impressed how solid CM is. So far I had not a single crash. No matter how big the maps are or how many units, or how much action or how the camera is moved or how big PBEM-fiules are. This thing is incredibly solid. In a time where more and more products are released unfinsished and buggy I think this deserves a big praise.
  19. Baneman, why do you plan to accept a ceasefire? I understand ceasefire as a solution where both sides see no chance to win anymore or change the result significantly. But this game is totally fluid and seems to turn in your favor. IMO a ceasefire should not be used by players to escape from a game that did not go as expected... Honestly I hate opponents that lose interest as soon as things do not go as they expected. Or what are you afraid of since the tide of tank combat seems to have turned in your favor that you want allow an escape and give away a possible victory?
  20. I don't know how it worked in CM1 but I would prefer if the guessed contacts would not always be almost precisely where the units really appear later. If the contact is a sound contact and further away, then the area where the unit could be should be much larger. I would also prefer if the gun's calibre and length could not be IDed so easily. And also less info about infantry and inflicted casualties would be good.
  21. @AstroCat I think to make it fit to your rant you are making things up I did not say. But a picture says more than thousand words. I searched for the biggest savegames on my HD. I wont say from which the screenshots are to prevent spoilers, but they are from CMRT (game engine 3). That's the position, where I achieved the absolutely lowest framerate according to FRAPS on that map. I could not get into the single digits and usually the game runs around 30 fps. Movie lighting with customized shaders enabled: As I said: Big map. Several battalions. Best settings. Even very long shadows. Full HD
  22. I think a dedicated page displaying performance results from different systems would be very helpful for existing and future customers. How could CM performance be measured objectively? Maybe with FRAPS and a dedicated scenario in replay mode for each game family?
  23. Exactly. Two 1 Watt-lasers, one left, one right, directly into the eyes of the player. I mean the principle of Ambilight to overcome the abrupt map edges, not Ambilight itself. Extension of the map beyond it's edges by cleverly "projecting" dominating map colors further.
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