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  1. Wow this thread is still going on? Incredible. @slysniper Just now saw your initial post. Thank you for your virtual service! I'm glad your first play through of the "hardest mission" after a hiatus of it went swell. It is exciting to know that your TacAI dealt with the situation completely differently than mine because you know.. not every mission plays exactly the same! This game has bugs, issues, etc. that are still being found and also pre-existing that still aren't fixed yet, I have played since CMx1 titles so nothing is new to me, I in fact learn from my mistakes or go
  2. After installing 4.03 several times and it not showing the newer version after install, I decided to try to finish the install with "Create Desktop Icons" selected. The new desktop icon starts the game in 4.03, cool! No, Nothing shows up in the game at all, scenarios, campaigns you name it. The best feature is I can use my CMBN icon in the game folder and the icon already on my desktop and it starts the game in 4.02. All scenarios, campaigns are there... incredible! Any ideas how to fix this?
  3. Probably gonna uninstall this one lol or stay away from this one for a while. Played another mission, "De Hinderlaag" and apparently uniformed soldiers that are conscript/green experience and eventually "broken" morale can fight against multiple IFVs and infantry squads, killing some and wounding lots of my guys while they never surrender or lose a guy or two and still fight on. Keep in mind, I've killed their entire upper command, they have no Battalion or Company command and some Platoon HQs are completely wiped. I failed the mission due to time, I suffered only several casualties
  4. No because I quit out after I finished seeing the outcome of that engagement. I have a picture of it though. Feel free to try it yourself, its the team that's inside the far south west building next to the wall at the entrance.
  5. Update, so basically a minute later and with the help of a 40mm stryker. The 5 minutes of literal contact with this guy finally ceases by him being killed. I play Elite difficulty, but this isn't elite. This is just dumb.
  6. I own all CMx1 and x2 titles, but what the actual hell is this game? Two US rifle squads from a stock mission (called House Cleaning, or whatever that US MOUT team clearing the hospital mission is called).. cannot kill a single dude. The best part is, this single dude with an AK has suppressed both squads, killed team members of those squads and refuses to be suppressed or even killed by multiple M4s, multiple 40mm grenades and whatever else these dudes throw at him. This is unacceptable... seriously. I don't know what they're feeding this dude, or what type of morale he's got especially
  7. Once in a while, one or two of my soldiers and even rarely half a squad will get stuck behind bocage or something stupid and they'll stay there till they're dead or the scenario is over. Sometimes i'll do a move order and one or two will stay behind so I just cancel the movement and replace it and then they move and regroup together. Weird, but, that's CM for you. I love everything about the game even its frustrating that occur sometimes.
  8. In my own opinion I find that everything penetration related () to be completely accurate. I've played CMx2 since late 2014 and I haven't had any moments where I go "That's complete bull****" except to my own tactical errors lmao.
  9. I must be awful if I can't get past the first mission lmao. Beautiful map designs and such, my second try at a campaign. First was stock CM MG 82nd AB campaign which after the first mission, GG to me. I hope I can overcome the first mission and play through the campaign.
  10. Well I just quickly tested with x's and it only used one sound file, which was mg42.wav but that is just a single shot .wav. Interesting lol.
  11. I see how you put yours in the email, when I get home from work I'll attempt to mess with it with the x2, x3 or if it just needs 0 1 2 3. I see the MG42 is afaik the only one that has the x in its order. I don't know if that's because the sound file has a small burst for its .wav as the other gun .wavs are a single shot .wav.
  12. Oh I get you now, i'm not too sure about .bmps. I was just going with my amateur CM2 modding knowledge. The series should start with mp40 0.wav and then follow mp40 1.wav and so on. Following this, your various sound differences should follow either in order or in a randomized fashion. Like I said, amateur CM2 knowledge. I believe this should be the correct order because my M1 Garand sound files are m1 garand 0, 1 2 3 etc and it sounds slightly different in game, although unknown if followed in order or randomly selects it for the gun shot. Hopefully I understood it this time, if
  13. For the mg42, it's mg42 x2, mg42 x3, mg42 x4 and so forth for how many sounds you want to use for that burst of MG fire.
  14. I believe it's randomized, not in order. So if you have three files with mp40.wav, mp40 1.wav mp40 2.wav for example, say your dude with the mp40 starts firing, it'll pick one of those three files for the small burst of gunfire.
  15. Yes it should be for example mp40 1 mp40 2 mp40 3 and so on. If you wouldn't mind Erwin could I get a copy of your MG42 sounds? I like to have variety and mix my sounds from various mods.
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