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  1. Thank you very much for that wrap. Yes I know that the pref file can be deleted (on another game, is it CMBO the file can be edited, I think) but since I have the game working well and know that there are idiosyncrasies on my system, I am now happy and don't want to muck about. There is no doubt that changing the size of text setting to 125% (makes the desktop much more readable) and running the monitor at top and recommended resolution caused the game to spill over at the bottom right. Anyway it is an easy fix - and there might be other issues such as clicking Ctrl-+ in GMail to mak
  2. Thanks all for your help and your advice. It has taken all this time (3 weeks) to get CMAK v 1.3 installed and running smoothly (NB) on a clean install of Win 10 Pro. But I have been very busy elsewhere and it only took this afternoon to get CMAK sorted. Here are some of the issues I encountered - just in case anyone else has a problem. Installation of V1.1 from the DVD was no problem. But installing V1.3 patch ran into the 'Code 5 Access Denied' error on the CMAK.exe file. That usually means the upgrader cannot uninstall the old file. So the quick fix for that is to change the na
  3. Thanks for that Erwin. I am wondering if making a special window on my monitor and running V1.03 in that will help. Still would buy V1.04 if available. My WIN 7 Ultimate got caught in the recent purge on activation - it was an old oem and all I did was upgrade to an M2 ssd and change from 32 bit to 64 bit. Friends say I should do a clean install WIN 7 and see if it activates. But I have already bought the WIN 10 Pro Retail, so one would think that is the way to go. Thanks for your help.
  4. Hello all. I am just about to do a clean install of Windows 10 Pro. I am in the middle of a huge Pegasus Bridge Campaign game on my old Windows 7 - My CMAK is Version 1.3. Has anyone succeeded in getting CMAK 1.3 to run on Win 10 - or alternatively where do you buy V1.4 now. There is no sign of it on Battlefront.com that I can find.
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