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  1. Thx, I have checked the manual and it is clear to me. Nice to hear that you do not get any statistics bonuses on any difficulty level.
  2. What are the differences when I change difficulty level? Is AI smarter? Are stats of their equipement/soldiers better etc.?
  3. Here you have screenshot http://postimg.org/image/gkfl58wzt/
  4. Have you understand what I wrote? They did not answered e-mail in a week. You call it good support?
  5. Forum page state that I shoiuld e-mail them so that says something about support.
  6. Support is far from exelent. I have written e-mail to forum administrator that my account can not be activated but never got a reply. I have to create another account tied to different e-mail. I am afraid same can happen when I have problem with license. I do not buy computer every year but I change some components quite often and I reinstall windows regularly so licensing may be problematic.
  7. Thank, Manual explains it in detail.
  8. I do not like DRM either but steam/origin have much more fair policy than CM. In fact they make life dificult for legal gamers. Pirates just do not care because it is easier to get game from torrent and just launch it to write e-mails in foreing language explaining that you are not a thief and you want to play game you bought.
  9. So now I understand why people are complaining. You buy expensive game and you can install it only four times -- this is really terrible practice. Is there any source of authorative information how activation system really works because I won't probably buy this game if it is only valid for 4 windows reinstalations.
  10. In fact it is quite easy to check. When I start mission (in demo) I can sort by map size so it would suffice to find first element on that sorted list which has map size larger then time or small then number of this element minus one would give count of tiny + small map sizes.
  11. Opening ability for mods or even command line options can only help. Look what happened to Arma when community started to mod it and add its own launchers and mod managers. It went in direction no developer even imagined.
  12. If my memory servers it was on steam forum comparing Graviteam Tactics to Theater of War to Combat Mission.
  13. When I know that I am upgrading my PC can I deactivate product somehow to increase my activation count by 1?
  14. I plan to buy CMBS but I have stumbled upon some complains about licensing of this game. People claims that they can not activate game after reinstalling system and generally were compaining about some unfair licensing. Can you provide some details on what is the activation or reactivation process?
  15. What are the average map size in CMBS? Are there many small and tiny maps? Are there many maps at all?
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