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  1. I know it was in the IPad version...I don't know if there are any reasons why it can not be implemented in other versions.
  2. Thank you, i did a little searching, but clearly not enough.
  3. This thread is getting a bunch of views...but, no replies. More people in this community must use mods...
  4. Thank you for that. I currently get pretty good fps and load times are short, but occasionally on large battles it slows down for a few seconds when moving the. I have AA set to x16, so ill try lowering that (maybe my gpu cant handle it). As far as mods, I will at least try them out. If I get terrible fps ill remove them, but Im confident I can tweak the settings for my rig. Combat mission is also a game where 30 FPS is enough, so I really just need to make sure it doesn't drop to 10 fps like it does some times.
  5. Hello Combat Mission community, I am back again, this time to get your "must have" mods. I want to make a forum post, so all new players like myself can get familiar with the "go to" mods. I've been playing around with quick battles, and have been getting used to all the controls. One thing I noticed, is performance isn't amazing. I used NVIDIA control panel to tweak the settings, and I figured that this game is CPU heavy. I have a GTX 770, a I7-4790k as well as 16 gb of ram, so I wish to pick up some mods to possibly get more out of my GPU, as well as a more immersive experience. I am l
  6. Thank you, that is all I needed.
  7. Hello Combat Mission Community, I have recently made the plunge into the combat mission series. I got Red Thunder as my first game, and I am enjoying it greatly. I have a lot to learn, but I am getting to controls down. The one problem i'm having, is that there is no 1080p setting, I am using a 1080p monitor but, i don't see an option to enable it. I set the screen to "Desktop" but I'm not sure if its using the full 1080p. Is there a way to force 1080p, or is the "desktop" setting doing this? Thanks for the quick troubleshooting, Milesb11
  8. So guys, I got a chance to purchase CM:RT today! I played a quick mission for 2 hours, in which I commanded a battalion of German infantry against an onslaught of Russian soldiers who were attacking a town. It seemed kinda like the quick battle was defender sided, maybe it was the map. Is there anyway to have the attacker get more troops than the defender? Anyways, I am very happy with my choice, but I feel as if I could have played a WW2 demo with the 3.0 engine, i would have gotten the CM:BN big bundle. I now see why all of you encouraged me to get it in the first place. I'm already thin
  9. I very much would get CM:BN, but as I stated I simply don't have the money for all my games. I also am looking to get that new Rainbow six game if the reviews are good, and Im a backer of star citizen. I just can't be spending 200+ on video games, I'll hold of on Normandy and get Bulge when it comes out, hopefully in the next year.
  10. Thank you for that! I have watched all the videos you guys submitted, and I am leaning towards CM:RT as its cheap, has 3.0 included, and I want to learn more about the eastern front. Then I can always get CM:BN or CM:BS
  11. Does anyone have a general idea of when the new bulge game will come out?
  12. Thank you so much! I'll watch them when I get a chance.
  13. Thank you for your extensive reply, I'll provide some feed back so you can help me butcher the options down a little further. I finally got a chance to sit down and try out a scenario, CMBS really amazed me on the gauntlet mission, it was all infantry and was exactly what I was looking for. That being said, I'm sure most the missions are more vehicle centered. The other demos seem a little outdated, so I will have to compare them to youtube videos of the other games. As for the theater I want, It really doesn't matter for me, it seems like most the WW2 games are similar while the mode
  14. So what do you recommend I do? I have deffinatly eliminated the Big Bundle from my options...Would CMBN still be worth it?
  15. I just checked the CM:BN big package, $105 is a bit to much to drop right now, in fear that I won't enjoy the game or am not good at it and loose interest. I also picked up the CM:BN demo so between the 3 demos, I'll find my favorite. All of you made good suggestions and I will keep them in mind while making my final choice. A lot of you, said that its all preference, so I will just play around with the demos and find the time period and factions I enjoy the most. One question I have about the demos, I'm not sure if its reflected in the full games. Is the fact that I get terrible performa
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