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  1. Switching ammo between tanks is not an easy and a very time taking task especially when under fire, each round has to be transfered indiviually and "trained" over to the next tank leaving the crews in the open, i dont think this would be a common occurance in a heated battle, maybe behind the lines.
  2. FB is definitely the best running with RT being the worst, especially when its raining. This is on a alienware M17x intel 2.4 12gb ram 670 nvidia. i also keep a real clean system so it runs at peak performance most of the time. FB also seems to "look" better as well.
  3. That is not a low crawl that is a high crawl, entirely different. not even a proper high crawl more like a baby crawl. everything you have in the mud if you aint eatin dirt your dead. this is a proper low crawl and it is exhausting https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwiCtdOW26_MAhVBcT4KHWpFD50QjRwIBw&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.flickr.com%2Fphotos%2Fganatlguard%2F13888127846&psig=AFQjCNG5xaz6Ez_KDJ86oWhmEpva0FjecA&ust=1461877220470754
  4. Well easy way to find out. stick your face in the dirt and start low crawling, no stickin your butt up thats cheating, high crawl is a little less exhausting. we had to low crawl with a casualty in full kit and it exhausting.
  5. Glad im not attacking A lot of ground to cover.
  6. My souvenier is a primer for the paladin round i fired, my last roud fired of my career. pretty awesome to fire those suckers.
  7. Totally sensible. Its really the same powder and i dont think this is really a debate. its just situational depending on climate how much debris they put up. ill bet they never had trouble finding em in Africa for instance. Didnt mean to insult your intelligance just general information to put in. and i hate sabot petals, had to count so many of these damn things it isnt even funny.If i had some i would more likly melt it than keep it but thats just me lol.
  8. Modern tanks do not use brass type round with traditional powder, it is a combustable case amunition with entirely different chemical properties. in any case after a few rounds you will create a distinguishable could of smoke dust or no, but if they dont know where you are by then they are dead or running for dear life anyway.
  9. You would need a lot of water, from what ive seen europe tends to be rather damp so i dont think dust would be that much of an issue but every little bit helps in combat.
  10. you can lock them into the terrain a bit but its kinda cheating as it makes it really hard to hit them to the point its almost a bug. figured this out in CMFI. pillbox type fortifications would be nice. similar to the gun pits in BoB. ohh and dear god i wish they would rework sandbags they look horrible and you cant really build a respectable fortification with them =D.
  11. I just want to put my AT guns in houses, but a fortified house Ala Russian SoP would be good too =D. fear the basment ATG right in the middle of a Xroads lol
  12. It might be waclaws he is haveing troubl with the ite atm. go to This post to find the link to dl it
  13. as long as it doesnt have the dirt on the bottom HE can destroy it as well, not sure blow a hole =D. or just satchel charge of couse
  14. It is "smokeless" but th concussion will kick up large amount of dust and the flash is still considerable. no arms really use black powder anymore and havent for some time. it still gives off smoke just considerably less compare to the former black powder so concecutive rounds will create a cloud
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