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  1. I know its just not worth the trouble for me to target light every time for a maybe chance that when the bad guys get close i might have a 10% chance that maybe the one or the two they have will do some good lol. i wish they would take the engagement range down. I have had some good experiences with AT grenades though.
  2. I dont think i have seen a single rifle grenade kill in my 2 years of playing this game, they usually hit WAY off. good thing this isnt golf. Idk how accurate they where in real life but pixxeltruppen cant shoot rifle grenades if......theyre lives depended on it? lol
  3. i didnt have any problems to begin with so im sure its fine, just didnt have a nifty emblem for FB
  4. its possible idk if they are like todays grenades but tth pin is not exactly easy to get out but not hard either (it pretty much a small lacing wire that holds the pin in) we have nifty little pouches for them now snug as a bug in a rug. really those suckers are in there tight lol.
  5. that just sounds like a nightmare lol, ill stick to my mollee pouches ty, just seems too big and cumbersome at least for me, i would prefer small and compact. not to say if i was wandering by and saw a potato masher i wouldn't have a little fun tho. i have never used one before but they seemed a bit more dificult to use, something about unscrewing the bottom then pulling a string or something, twist pull pin all day for me.
  6. Pretty much thats why they want you to throw it differently, inexperienced ppl will have a chance of loosing control and dropping the nade on the "windup" thus leaving a nice surprise right next to you. also chance of them letting loose too late hitting the wall in front ext. i cant even explain how they tried to get me to throw it but i just went with old faithful and nobody said boo cause that sucked flew and i sure as hell wanted to make sure it did lol.
  7. usually it was the guys who played baseball that couldnt throw a grenade, it was more because they want you to throw it a certain way. i had the same problem and pitched baseball through highschool but com time to throw that ball of explosives that sucker sailed to at least 30m lol. something about a ball of bang makes you throw really well.
  8. Depending on who is throwing ive seen some sail a good 30-40m but you also have "chicken wings" that cant throw 10m. not everyone can but it is possible. people who played basball like myself often have trouble throwing like the army wants you to. across a street for a veteran troop would be relatively easy but at the 30m range its possible but it just depends on who is throwing.
  9. As long as you have decent cover it isnt a big deal, a cinderblock wall will suffice as long as it doesnt roll directly to the bottom of the wall and even then the blast will mostlikly just push away from the wall and the shrapnel wont penetrate..
  10. I have been just going with the flow meaning i play through a bit and see what im up against. that said i rested for the night as i felt it would cause too many casualties to take the next town and i wanted my men fresh. i took the north end of the bridge so that bought me some time.currently in the 3rd or 4th? mission and im thinking i will look for fuel if i do this i will make speed my priority for the rest of the campaign.
  11. removed th image to save forum space raptorx7. Mine wanst so lucky. I told him to go another way but he said this fortified junction looked perfectly sae for a soft skinned vehicle to go through, after all he has an MG2 what could possibly go wrong? https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5F9k0BXtdd3QTF0bGFlN0tjM3M
  12. I as well am really impressed by this campaign, really takes away the linear feel.
  13. Assaulting Flatzbourhof crossroads. infantry move behind halftracks for cover while tanks and halftracks keep the enemies heads down.\ https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bwix2AuZW-r7NzItalpEZndmZ1E/view?usp=sharing
  14. This happens in CMBN school of hard knocks as well, i think its that type of bridge that does it as it is th same type
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