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    Abdolmartin got a reaction from Vergeltungswaffe in New CMRT Scenario: Carius at Malinova   
    Man, you're simply amazing! I wish the CM community had 10 copies of you.
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    Abdolmartin reacted to SgtHatred in Steam players for multiplayer   
    I told the same thing to the CEO of Walmart the other day. He's just a parasite between me and my cheap Chinese goods. My new furnace was just installed by a parasite between me and the manufacturer. Services have no value after all.
    Seriously though, that's one hell of a knee-jerk reaction to a question you clearly misunderstood. 
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    Abdolmartin reacted to SgtHatred in The state of CMSF2   
    Everyone seems annoyed that the inevitable happened and the release date slipped but all I can think is how annoying it is that this means that the patch for 4.0 games has also slipped.
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    Abdolmartin reacted to General Jack Ripper in The state of CMSF2   
    What?! BLASPHEMY!!

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    Abdolmartin reacted to Aragorn2002 in The state of CMSF2   
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    Abdolmartin reacted to DesertFox in The state of CMSF2   
    Yes, very good, 1CGS/777 is a perfect example how good and transparent information given to the community could work out for the company. And it has an additional effect to generate extra marketing bandwidth done by community members. There are numerous YouTube channels which pick up the news and there are blogs which spread the word, like this outstanding one by Shamrockonefive here https://stormbirds.blog/.
    All of this positive marketing and undoubtedly positive image buildup starts with a weekly developer diary which produces facts about development progression instead of leaving vast open spaces open to wild speculation.
    Now ask yourselves why neither YouTube channels nor blogs exist which report in a positive way about progression in the CM-world?
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    Abdolmartin reacted to Mannschaft in The state of CMSF2   
    You know what? You're right. I am terribly sorry I inconvenienced you and your company in my excitement to exchange paper for a digital product. I'll check back in a year and maybe there'll actually be something to buy on here that I don't already own. I'll go ahead and pester some other unfortunate company with my wallet. Thanks.
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    Abdolmartin reacted to Aragorn2002 in The state of CMSF2   
    What worries me most is that you don't seem to have a clue. You give a release date for CMSF 2 and at the same time tell us it's probably useless. Although that seems to be perfectly normal and acceptable for some people here, it also annoys the hell out of me and of a lot of other people. The 'frankly my dear, i don't give a damn'-attitude doesn't help either. Advising customers to come back in a year or so is just leaving me speechless. Perhaps CMSF 2 will make it this year. Perhaps. The other two games certainly won't. I don't expect my favorite module (CMRT) before autumn 2019.
    I'm following BletchlyGeek's advise. I'm unfollowing this thread, before I'm losing my temper.
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    Abdolmartin reacted to BletchleyGeek in The state of CMSF2   
    These forums are an extension of your business - or so I consider them - and indeed, you set the rules here for what is civilised discussion and what's not.
    Youwere underpromising weren't you?
    Nothing of value costs nothing. Of course, there as many possible appraisals of value of a thing as possible punters interested in buying it
    Have a good weekend, Steve.
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    Abdolmartin reacted to DougPhresh in The state of CMSF2   
    I don't mind that things are delayed, I mind that the customer base is often left in the dark, often for months on end.
    This has admittedly gotten much better in the last few weeks, but it has been months of waiting for the 4.0 patch.
    I can't say for sure how this is effecting the player base but look at how posting has died off for CMFI and CMRT -  titles I personally really enjoy. There are threads detailing bugs and TOE/OOB errors and omissions from 2014 that have still not been commented on. Are they being fixed in the next patch? Who knows?
    If BF is aware that for example FJ gun transports in CMFI carry 50mm ammo regardless of the gun in the platoon, and it's being fixed in the next patch, then that's something I don't have to worry about, if they let the customers know and then I don't have to resurrect dead threads from 2014 in the hopes that it will be noticed, only for there to be no response because nobody is posting in the CMRT forum, lest of all devs.
    In my opinion, it's not the big things like delays with the website or CMSF2 being a little later than expected, and certainly not major additions like France and Italy being added to CMSF2 at launch, it's the lack of patches and dev blogs on the existing titles. Little things like the graphics issues with the BMP-2M in CMBS, generated many, many community posts and were met with silence. Would it be so much to say "We're aware of that, we're fixing it, it will be in the upcoming patch for the 4.0 engine".
    The responses to the question about CMBS bugs persisting into CMSF2 and asking if they will be addressed in a patch for CMBS is a ray of hope, I can only hope that there is a more organized way of doing that going forward.
    Maybe have pinned threads in each of the titles' boards and one day a week (if possible) have someone a dev or beta tester come in and give a little update on what's being done on the title, what the known issues are, maybe even solicit help from the community if there is uncertainty about a TOE or OOB. So on Tuesday say, go into the Development Thread in CMFI and say "You know, we looked at that Italian infantry handbook you guys posted back in 2013 (and was reposted in 2018!) that mentions the squad breaking down into 3 man teams, but we think that was just for running in bounds and the Italian rifle squad was fundamentally a LMG section and a rifle section and couldn't maneuver as smaller elements than that." and then on Friday post on the CMFB board and say "Yeah, we're aware that the availability dates for HVAP for the 76mm gun might be off, we'll address that" (No more specifics needed, 10 seconds to post!). The following Tuesday, if there's less going on in the development of CMFI maybe just check in and say "We didn't really take the time to go back to look at the Italians after the engine updates, since they were in the initial release of CMFI and we couldn't just port over assets from other titles when we added AAA. We'd like to add stationary Breda 20mm guns to give Italians the ability to have AA units, and luckily we already have this modeled in game on the AS. 42. We'll hopefully have time to add this as a small patch to CMFI between CMSF2 shipping and Rome to Victory"
    I know people like to say customers ask for too much. I disagree. We're not asking for detailed weekly dev diaries, just some indication of what is being done.
    I know people say that posting on the forum takes away from development time. I disagree. Just say something like: "Not only will Module 1 for CMRT bring the timeline to the end of the war and add German formations and equipment, but the Soviets got a second looks too. So now Cavalry Uniforms are a selection as appearance in the unit purchase screen instead of a mod tag. Oh and since we already had Polish voice files from other titles, we're adding the First Polish Army to the Russian side". That took about 30 seconds and covered questions raised in dozens of threads and hundreds of posts dating from 2014.
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    Abdolmartin reacted to McMortison in The state of CMSF2   
    As much as I do understand your point of view, I would appreciate to have some information at some point. 
    I work in IT and I know how hard it is to keep deadlines. I don't mind waiting. But IMHO it wouldn't hurt to drop some info in advance like "Sorry due to 'reasons' the release must be pushed back or so.
    In my experience most people have understanding for that but are angry if the are left blank.
    Only my 5cents
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    Abdolmartin reacted to Bil Hardenberger in CMSF 2 BETA AAR #2 – Syrian Probe (Quick Battle)   
    MINUTE 2
    Still no contact... it might be a little while until that happens so be patient.  My philosophy is to generally not plan until I have some data on the enemy.. right now I have nothing.  This initial reconnaissance phase can really help when it comes time to throw in the works.
    On my far left, 2nd Platoon is getting to their initial positions.  1st Squad and the Platoon HQ is moving up quickly... 

    2nd Squad and 3rd Squad have dismounted and are moving to their ridges as Dismounted Recon Teams (DRT).

    In the 1st Platoon AO, they continue to move carefully forward, the infantry is staggering their movement and taking listening halts for 15-30 seconds at each waypoint.  The A Company infantry support tanks and the Platoon BMPs (except for one) are also staying close behind the infantry squads.
    Next turn the T-62M will creep forward, peek over the ridge (hopefully masked from the rest of the map) and take a few shots at the top floor of the large building on the objective... then it will back off.  With this movement, I am just trying to force some movement from Ian.  Note on the far right that I have a dismounted team climbing the ridge at the map edge in order to look down into the objective.

    Also looking down on the objective is one AT-13 Team.... many eyes from many different angles is key to successfully getting spots on enemy units or vehicles.

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    Abdolmartin reacted to Bil Hardenberger in CMSF 2 BETA AAR #2 – Syrian Probe (Quick Battle)   
    MINUTE 1
    ..and we are finally under way.  No action this turn, so sorry @c3k, no gifs showing stuff blowing up yet.   
    In order to ascertain whether there are any of Ian's units in the far left of Snake Ridge, I send 2nd Platoon to reconnoiter this area...

    They were still on their way at turn end, and the following image illustrates their routes.. the small arrows indicate dismounted infantry taking a peek over the lip of each ridge line.  Only two BMPs are in this area now as the third was held back to overwatch the movement.  The last BMP will join them next turn.

    On Star Hill I am deploying two AT-13 teams and the AT-13 Platoon HQ.  One team will crawl over the nearest crest in order to look down on the initial objective (North East Farm), one will be kept in reserve.  The HQ team will crawl over the opposite crest in order to get eyes on the other side of the valley.  The truck will return to the SP.

    1st Platoon is moving dismounted toward the nearest crest overlooking the North East Farm Objective. 

    They are being overwatched by the rest of A Company.

    I finally did an analysis of what Ian could bring to the fight... he can potentially field a platoon of tanks, plus a few extra tanks if he sacrificed infantry.  If he went full Mechanized, then I can expect about a Company of infantry, give or take, depending on the number of tanks he bought, the type of tanks, and whether he bought any support units.  
    I think with this terrain I would have gone armor heavy , so worse case I will expect to see a Tank Heavy Company Team in front of me  with up to 6 or 7 tanks.  I expect Leopard C2s as the Leopard 2A6Ms are very expensive, about 200 points more than the C2s, however they are much more capable, so its a trade off.  
    If he decided not to go with LAVs or the Nyala APC then he could buy a lot more infantry and support assets, ATGM and artillery, maybe even some air... but then he would have no flexibility, so I expect to  see most of his infantry with either LAVs or the Nyala... but that will impact the amount of support units and numbers of infantry he can bring to the party.
    I actually expect our forces to be close in size... though his will be far superior in capability.  However it shakes out its going to be interesting.
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    Abdolmartin reacted to MOS:96B2P in New Scenario: Tactical Operations Center   
    Tactical Operations Center has been posted at The Scenario Depot III.  The link is below.  Thank you to all the Beta testers, @Sgt.Squarehead, @Erwin, @rocketman, @sburke, @General Jack Ripper and @Combatintman.   Thanks to everyone else for patiently waiting.     
    I had some computer problems so in the end mod tags were not used.  However links to the mods are listed with the scenario.  Instead of a PDF document two Word documents are included with the scenario.  The Word documents help explain the intelligence code and the map grid lines.  They are not needed to play the scenario since the same information is in the briefing.  However the Word documents may be downloaded and printed out for players who wish to do so.  Some of the beta testers thought it was helpful having a printed intel. code on hand while playing.  
    If you have questions ask here or send me a PM.  Hope you enjoy it.  Post cool screenshots!  
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    Abdolmartin reacted to IICptMillerII in I Don't Read the Dev Updates BINGO!   
    In honor of the imminent release of CMSF2, I figured I would get a heads start on the time honored tradition of complaining about every new release by making it into a fun game!
    I give you, CMSF2 BINGO!

    All in good fun of course.
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    Abdolmartin reacted to grunt_GI in Interested... But...   
    From my perspective...just FIXING the very suboptimal QB system is good enough...I have long wanted more control over selecting units...especially RED UNCON...I also love MOUT/FISH type actions...and I love QBs
    FISH....The British armed forces terms are OBUA (operations in built-up areas), FIBUA (fighting in built-up areas), or sometimes (colloquially) FISH (fighting in someone's house),or FISH and CHIPS (fighting in someone's house and causing havoc in people's streets).  😎
    That's awesome...time for some FISH and CHIPS....😏
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    Abdolmartin reacted to JM Stuff in CMRT Bagration   
    This is a view of new CMRT Module : hehe !
    Enjoy !
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    Abdolmartin reacted to The_MonkeyKing in Disappointed   
    I am disappointed by the fact that the biggest thread on the CMSF2 forum is named "disappointed"
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    Abdolmartin reacted to Sgt.Squarehead in Antony Beevor's view on War Films   
    Give the man a break.....Anybody defending the content of 'Enema At The Gates' really should hang their heads in shame! 
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    Abdolmartin reacted to DMS in Antony Beevor's view on War Films   
    I know how good is my English.
    Unusual parallels...
    Of course they was. But... That myth about machineguns shooting at running soldiers is too primitive, stupid, hugely hyperbolised. That didn't happen in such way. Block units officers executed single men, if they refused to fight and agitated others to flee. They were not just behind the rifle units, but in the rear: at road intersections, towns. The scale of war was huge, millions men were involved, may be someone somewhere shot at the crowd, who knows. But showing it like a common event is false. Another myth in this movie, 1 mosins for 2 men... Yes, in 1941 RKKA had problems with small arms. But this means that platoons had only 2 mgs instead of 4. (In 1942 3 mgs, in 1943 - 6) Again, too stupid hypebole. May be somewhere conscripts were caught without arms by quickly advancing Germans, that happened in 1941. But that they were intentionally sent to combat without weapons... I hate such "creative" writers and movie makers.
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    Abdolmartin reacted to SgtDeadly12 in So I Recognized the Russian from the Installation Background...   
    I was installing Combat Mission Afghanistan when I recognized that the background picture of a Soviet soldier nearly being hit by a round in the installation menu looked very similar to another picture that I had seen of a U.S. Marine in Afghanistan. I did a little digging and managed to find the picture.
    Here are the two pictures side-by-side for reference.
    I originally saw the picture in a reddit thread about a year ago. Apparently the picture is of U.S. Marine Sergeant William Bee while he was taking fire from the Taliban in 2008. I thought it was somewhat fitting that the art for this game of a Soviet taking fire in Afghanistan was based on a U.S. Marine taking fire in Afghanistan decades later.
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    Abdolmartin reacted to MikeyD in Panther gun damage   
    I think with regard to Panther there's a psychological factor involved. I know whenever I play with an ubertank I'm more likely to take ill-advised risks, believing the armor will save me. If I were piloting a Marder III my game-play is super-careful and stealthy. A Panther or Tiger I'm practically inviting the enemy to shoot me. So my optics get wrecked, my gun gets damaged, and I fall victim to a 'lucky' lower hull penetration.
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    Abdolmartin reacted to Bulletpoint in s h o c k f o r c e 2   
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    Abdolmartin reacted to Rinaldi in CMA Unofficial Screenshot Thread   
    Since photobucket turned this thread into a graveyard let's breathe some life into it. Hot off the presses; a good game from @Mishrae - though in hindsight it would've probably been fairer had the sides been reversed. 
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    Abdolmartin reacted to Pelican Pal in Is Combat Mission BS worth the steep 60$ US?   
    Why are you all being such weird asses about his question?

    IanL and MOS:96B2P were kind enough to answer his questions about content, MOS very thoroughly. However, we are now on page two largely on the basis of people being ****ty that he thinks $60 is a lot of money. Yes he thinks $60 is a bit pricey. Okay great maybe it his for him, maybe it isn't. We don't know. What we don't need to be doing is dogpiling on the dude.

    And you have to admit that if you didn't follow BFC posts very regularly you would likely be confused as to what is going on. You might wonder what changes have been made since CM:SF. You might wonder if CM:BS, a 4 year old game, is expecting any updates. You may not know about the CM:SF2 update. You might want to come to the forums and ask the nice helpful users some questions so those with more knowledge could concisely inform you. If you look at the CM:BS news page http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=334&Itemid=576 you might be forgiven in thinking that there are no expansions planned.

    But of course we have to jump down his throat that he dare question spending $60.

    Imagine replying like this....

    Yea $60 is kind of expensive, but I've gotten really good value for the money. There is a lot of content included with CM:BS and a bunch of user made content for you to access. (maybe link to the scenario depot here?). You can see some of the added features since CM:SF on this page http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=338&Itemid=583 and there is always the demo available here http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=340&Itemid=584

    Right now we're expecting an CM:BS expansion somewhere around (insert date here).

    Imagine that, helpful, informative, non-argumentative. But why would we want to do that? When we can reply like this: 

    It is possible for people to hold views that are in opposition from each other without being petty. I mean this guy has posted nine times. Five in the T-72 Balkans on Fire forum between 2010 and 2012 and four times in this thread. I'm sure he has left with a positively sterling opinion on Battlefront and the forum users. And of course we were perfectly right to drag him down as quickly as we can because this 9 post lurker is obviously a troll who wants to destroy Battlefront.

    Maybe next time someone says something you don't agree with you can not immediately go on the attack. If you are really triggered by the possibility that someone thinks $60 is expensive you can just turn off your computer and not reply.
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