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  1. Not trying to sound terse, as I appreciate your information regarding the C2 mechanics, but this reply doesn't really tell me much. IIRC I could not even change the deployment of my forces at start, although I could be wrong. I can't really see the road because there is a forested area right about where the AI typically parks. At that range I can sometimes spot, although smoke obscures my tigers. I can sit and wait for a better range, or fire and bounce shells. IS-2s sit back with relative impunity and OHK most of my panzers. Where do I move to? I'm in the best position I can see, with hull-down protection. Moving just makes me easier to see and would reduce my cover. Try playing it from the German side. The AI just advance up the road, blob up and then slowly start striking out, and they universally get the first shots off. I can't really advance infantry forward due to the rocket bombardment, either.
  2. Even when I have everything holding fire to close the range the IS-2s just hang back, eventually get a spot and start killing big cats. I've only played the first 10-15 minutes twice now, so I'm not sure if there's another option, as the open fields look to make maneuver difficult. Tips are welcome.
  3. Playing the Seelow Heights scenario and my Panthers routinely get picked apart without doing any significant damage to the IS-2 horde, but that just fits the period I suppose.
  4. Hope never dies! I was mainly asking as I've had issues coordinating infantry and armor advances properly. Getting better at eyeballing things, and the turn based nature of PBEM means I can take my time making waypoints so no big issues I suppose. Thanks for all your responses!
  5. Hey everyone! I've been enjoying Combat Mission games since I got my grubby little hands on Beyond Overlord so many years ago. I played some Black Sea close to its release, but since then took a break from the franchise for various reasons. I have now returned, having recently purchased the RT+F&R bundle and Cold War. I have some nagging questions that I'm sure are very basic, but I can not find when going through the manuals. Please forgive my ignorance! 1) Is there any way to synchronize waypoints? This would make vehicle bounding much easier to manage rather than eyeballing it as best I can. 2) For the various modules, are there explanations of the various force selection choices? I'm much more versed in terms of equipment than some of my not-armchair-general opponents, who are having issues figuring out how many men to expect in certain squads, things like that. Would also help us select our air support choices. 3) Is there a way, when selecting forces for a quick battle, to voluntarily hold some units back as timed reserves? If not, is there an easy way to set up a quick scenario to do this without spoiling my opponent's force selection? Thanks for anyone that can help!
  6. Spending money doesn't excuse you from being nasty. Be constructive, not destructive with your feedback. Instead of implying the target of your criticism is a child, perhaps act like an adult and mind your manners.
  7. Pretty sassy, eh? lol. That source you provided is very misleading. "Bradley's killed more armored vehicles" is different than "Bradley killed more tanks" and the conversation was specifically about ATGMs, which would imply we were only considering the Bradley's TOW system.
  8. You just had to tell me... EDIT: Annnnd bought. Darn you. Just waiting on it to process.
  9. OK, I need to say this because clearly noone important in your life has. Customer feedback is good, but so long as it is constructive feedback. Everything you have said, and the way you have said it, has been destructive. Being polite isn't about making friends with me or other members. It is about not being a jerk and raising the chance that your complaints get listened to. Ever heard of the critique sandwich? You say something good, something bad, something good. Far more likely to get taken seriously. When everything you say is negative, it is very easy to just tune it out. Notice how your posts were promptly ignored by the staff/devs/beta testers? And they were still replying to people with honest, polite questions? I am of the opinion you owe them an apology not only for derailing a thread, but spreading falsehoods about a DRM conspiracy. This simply isn't the case, as Kevin's solution shows.
  10. It isn't taken away if it isn't an advertised feature. No one is saying it is unreasonable, but I am personally saying that the way you are going about this isn't polite or likely to get you friends. Your subjective opinion of the maps themselves, and how long they 'last' is just that.
  11. What makes you think I haven't? You have said that to everyone that has replied to you, and that is rather rude.
  12. I own almost every Total War title. I still can't use the Shogun 2 map in Rome 2. Not exactly the same, but close enough. Now, did they advertise map compatibility? If no, you are are complaining about a feature they never advertised.
  13. Artkin, respectfully, this is a lot of vinegar when honey might be more profitable.
  14. Ah yes, brain and strings of letters and numbers don't always work out, heh. Thanks for the answer! Disappointing for sure, but not a deal-breaker. Do you know if there are any future-expansion plans, or really any semi-official thought on the inclusion of the VDV?
  15. Will we eventually see the ability to bring Soviet SPGs such as the 2S3 into battle? For scenarios it would be useful as an objective to destroy, and doctrinally the Soviets would keep the artillery forward from what I can tell. The 2S3 is even noted as being useful in a secondary anti-tank defense role. I guess high-caliber HEAT has its use, heh! Thanks for the new releases! I'll have to wait for the bundle on Red Thunder, but digging into CW now. And Rome Remastered just came out... Feast or famine!
  16. Did they not confirm that they were postponing this until June to get the PBEM multiplayer features working?
  17. Wow, I just made that video last night and it's already on here? Sweet. I edited that up really quickly (Read: Sloppily) late at night, just for something to post on my communities forums. If it's something you gents like I could make more in the future with tighter editing. - Onion
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