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  1. Whoops, My bad! I assumed target bearings could be made with reference to compass directions - regardless of hull orientation. I really wonder, though. What is the proper usage, though?
  2. "Gunner! target structure, bearing one-eight-five. Range, two-thousand two hundred!" "Identified!" "Fire!" "ON THE WAAY!"
  3. High Quality Booms, I love it. Thanks!
  4. Oooh, i'm really liking that camo pattern, very pretty - y'know, in a banged up sort of way. Thanks!
  5. Hi there. Hope you guys don't mind a lurker like me contributing to this thread. Situation: M1A2s in an overwatch position covering a Bradley assault into town (Rolling Thunder Scenario)
  6. Hi there. I obviously don't say much on these forums, but I feel I just had to point this out to you guys in the hope this might mean something useful. I also apologize if this particular reason has been called out before and I missed it while searching. I was replaying "Dueling Shashkas" as UKR and wondered why the T-90s constantly kept on one-upping my tanks in the spotting game. I noticed something strange with almost all the Oplots under my command. Both the driver and the gunner were doing their job spotting targets, but the commanders were all trying to rotate their guns to point d
  7. Ah. Thanks for the tips and the link. Hopefully it won't be such a bloodbath the next time I get into one.
  8. Hey there, guys. I just recently stumbled upon the CM series and Black Sea really piqued my interest. So far I've been having quite the blast; this game is pretty much what I've been looking for in a "contemporary era" RTS/RTT game. Aside from playing virtual commander and ogling at the sweet toys I get to play with, one thing has jumped up as probably the nastiest feature I've encountered so far: Close quarters room-to-room battles. I have to say, Battlefront really did a great job simulating these situations without making things too complex and unwieldy. However, these things are, with
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