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  1. For the hours of fun these titles give,just buy it.My com fried last year,with it all my account details,passwords etc.To hell with it i bought the whole lot again and opened a new account.You might think these titles are expensive but they are well worth it.
  2. Don't send a squad up against a hedgerow,send two scouts.Once you find the two guys suppressed,then send a couple or more squads in at the same time.The MG won't be able to suppress them all,thus you will gain fire superiority and the MG won't be there for long either.
  3. The Bundle is up to date,after the patch and upgrade.If i remember the title was going to be a series of mods and BF took it's maker and project onboard and turned it into a game in it's own right.The V2 version was excellent anyway and was the first version of that particular engine into the bargain before CMBN.The next module,if it happens will probably be the one that takes it to V3.Now i'm guessing though.The bundle on it's own though is still very much playable. It's an age old argument that came with CMFI and the new engine also,people complaining about paying the extra for upgrading
  4. Wasn't like this in pre-V3 of the engine.Troops seem to snake into position now in all the titles,usually resulting in you losing a guy or two because they've wandered out of cover.Bloody annoying at times because it's usually the guys carrying the Heavy Support weapons.
  5. The Stuarts do have HE rounds as well,they should be enough to deal with foxholes,with only a small gun compared to the Shermans,it's not as effective but should do the job.Trenches are another matter though,i would bring arty for those.Canister is mainly used for troops in the open. As far as falling back,if you have the enemy supressed,they are going nowhere.Ease off for a turn and let the Stuarts do their own thing,once they see a head popping up,they'll use the canister or HE alright.
  6. Yeah you can totally destroy an enemy position where the icon was and then move up.Only to find one or two guys that are broken and in cover or hiding,who in panic throw a grenade in your face,taking half a squad with it..................and there was much swearing.
  7. Think after purchasing the bundle you need 1.12 patch,the actual V3 upgrade will bring it up to 1.20 CMBN/CW/MG are 3.11 with the V3 upgrade.
  8. If you buy the bundle,it isn't upgraded to V3 of the engine.The CMBN and CW bundle are but the Italy bundle isn't.Mind you the upgrade isn't that expensive anyway.
  9. I'm not being funny but if you own any of the full CM games,why do you have the demos still installed.Once i got this computer upgraded to play games.I downloaded a few demos and then re-bought the whole lot,couldn't remember my old account details etc.Anyway i installed the games and all upgrades and still had the demos installed.Never had an issue with files getting mixed up between the demos and the full games.There is no way the official 'Game File' can go missing from where they should be.if it has,do a search for it,and a right click will tell you exactly where it is installed.I have fou
  10. Upgrades,modules,scenario/campaign packs.Anything that adds to the current games.Count me in.
  11. Easy this,Main Folder-Game files.It's all in there and if you don't have this,you can't be playing the game because all the scenarios and campaigns are in the same folder.Now if you're running the demo,these will obviously be missing but if running the full game,they have to be there.
  12. Try moving too quickly through a minefield and you will be lucky if any of your guys make it out of it.Caught in a minefield,without engineers,hit the slow button and go back the way you came in.If it's the only way to go again slow or a risky move forward.At least on slow,they ll crawl and not set of so many mines.Time consuming yes but more chance of your guys staying alive.
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