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  1. Hell yeah, the deep penetration! This is getting more exciting with every update. Fantastic stuff!
  2. There are a few different shades of Soviet green that appears in the game. Not my call on that decision. I think the T-64As and BMP-1s in the screenshots I posted look the best.
  3. Well, I think the most recent turn The_Capt posted was a bit anticlimactic. Bil is certainly still in the fight! I still think this will all come down to a decisive engagement. They have traded blows trying to shape the battlefield, now one of them needs to capitalize on that and deliver the decisive punch.
  4. I just noticed that. Gotta love gallows humor! I see my first image didn't want to embed, so here it is:
  5. Anyways, how about a return to sanity?
  6. That is where a good bit of the technical knowledge on the T-80 series of tanks comes from! Cool tanks, T-80Us, the king tiger of the Soviet Army in the 80s.
  7. I don't think its looking good for Bil. I think that he is simply outclassed by equipment here. The T-64 is a very capable tank (I would argue it is better than all the M60 variants but the A3) and even his BMP-1s are extremely dangerous to an M60. In short, if its not an M60A3, you are operating with an arm and a leg tied behind your back. Add on to this the numerical superiority his opponent has, and it isn't looking good. If Bil does not win this developing tank engagement, I think he will be in check. That said, I won't be too quick to count Bil down and out yet.
  8. Heh ok, I'll bite on that one! Its important to remember that the F/A-18A that came out in the early 80s is a very different F/A-18E and F Super Hornets we have now. You don't always need a new airframe to revolutionize equipment! Although, the Super Hornets do have modified airframes to allow for larger engines and some other goodies as well. Great info on the T-55 by the way! The T-55A is definitely an outclassed vehicle by this point in the Cold War, and we are just shy of seeing the T-55AM (and T-62M) being introduced.
  9. These graphics are always a work of art and a personal favorite of mine. In my opinion, go for the deep strike. You have enough assets to cover the short ground near the town. A successful drive deep with your tanks would completely throw off the Soviets here, and force them to react to you. You'll also create a larger killing ground as well, which facilitates your primary goal of causing maximum casualties. I'm excited to see which way you end up taking this.
  10. Well, the good news is you don't have long to wait till you can experience it all for yourself!
  11. It depends on the formation, but it is essentially a squad level asset. Its available all through the timeline of the game so it will feature rather prominently.
  12. In reality, yes. In game, only the T-64B has a GLATGM. The T-62 variants that got GLATGMs are outside of the games timeline as of now. Depends on the tank, but even an Abrams is going to struggle to kill Soviet MBTs at 3,000m. It will be able to hit, but at that distance, with the ammo it is slinging, and given the armor protection of T-64/72/80, it will be hard to score a kill. And then, as others have mentioned, there is the Soviet ATGM threat. Not so much of an issue for an Abrams due to its HEAT defeating composite armor, but pretty much any other US vehicle is at severe risk from ATGMs.
  13. The 1500m figure comes from an average designed to measure combat LOS in Germany. It may have been specific to the American sector, which is much more wooded and hilly than Northern Germany. Anyways, the point is, it is a combat average. Nice pictures though!
  14. Any tank is capable if in a good position, or if they just get lucky. This platoon of M48s caught these T-62s in the flank at pretty close range. The results speak for themselves.
  15. Sure, why not! One of the great things about CMCW is that if you want to, you can create your own backstory to inform the context of your scenarios. Its all what you make of it.
  16. One of the really cool elements of this title is the shift from "smoke is my best friend!" to "smoke just blinds my men as I die from targets I can no longer see." This is part of the technological shift Warren has mentioned a few times. In 79 there are essentially no vehicles with sights that can see through smoke, so the use of smoke can be very important to blind enemy positions and protect your men in the open. However, by the end of the titles timeframe (82) there are a handful of vehicles on the US side (Abrams, Bradleys, M60A3 TTS, M901s are the big ones that come to mind) that all have thermal imagers and can see through smoke no problem. The Soviets employing smoke to conceal their men will not work against these threats. Anyone who has played CMSF2 or CMBS is aware of this. Luckily for Warren, Bil has very little assets that have thermal imagers, so heavy use of smoke will likely benefit him greatly. Just thought I would point out that dynamic. It is another element of this title that makes it unique.
  17. It does not perform well against the T-64 in a stand up fight. 1500m is the figure I see thrown around most often.
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