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  1. A few impressions from Philipps scenario "Airman Down":
  2. I dare you all, dont distract Kieme from modding CMBS !
  3. Ah ok, i started with "russian-soldier-skin 1" so this was most likely the problem. And thanks for the M1064A3 !
  4. Kieme, just a quick question about your tip about "Aris Dirty Faces" mod. I did it like you told but some soldiers still have the original "plain" faces, is there a way to avoid this ?
  5. We NEED weathering on the Russian vehicles too !
  6. I feel a strong desire to name a vehicle in my platoon "Dildo"...could get me into trouble but i cant resist...
  7. A well hidden BTR-70 provides overwatch... ...while a Scout team dashes over a field.
  8. Thank you Kieme...cant wait to see your version of US infantry, sure they will look badass.
  9. Please just use dropbox or box.com or Onedrive or Google Drive...but not those spooky One Click hosters...
  10. @ Vein Do you use a mod for the russians ? Looks like some of them wear Balaclavas.
  11. Great work, cant wait till the game is totally modded by you !
  12. I think you choose a bad angle for the comparison, otherwise...i would say the second one looks best.
  13. Great, maybe you can also tweak the color a bit, they just look too saturated and "brown".
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