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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRtwa9MNom0 Probably a bit simplified for what you're looking for but he has the references in the video description that can help out, although I think he tries to focus on primary sources so most of the stuff is in German. Also I don't really know how credible MHV is as a source since I'm not really equipped to claim he is or isn't, but based on his videos he seems to have a pretty decent and unbiased scientific view on things. But I hope it helps
  2. I had the same issue and had a ticket up for a few days - activate new products or the actual game .exe did absolutely nothing when double-clicking on them. Then after redowloading and reinstalling and all the regular stuff we all do when something doesn't work (and after a somewhat heavy night out) today it just worked. Now I can't say for certain, but I did clear my registry with CCleaner the other day and at least can't remember trying to launch CM:SF2 after that, but it is the only thing I can think of that might've helped me out. Might be worth trying it out and seeing if we can verify th
  3. Ah right, thanks for that! Yeah, looks like very much the same issue. I suppose I've been lucky (or blind) as I haven't encountered this kind of behaviour before. Luckily we we're only playing a SP/"coop" and could savescum easily to find a decent workaround and not get too bothered about it. Could've been a different story with a H2H game 😅
  4. Ah, fair enough then! Good to hear it's a known issue and it'll be fixed in due time. First time I came across this and I'm guessing my vocabulary failed me (or the fact that it was 4 am for me) when I tried to search for similar threads.
  5. Hey, I'm currently playing a coop game with a friend by sending turns to each other in the planning phase and watching the replays and came across an interesting issue. So the campaign we are doing is For King and Country (mission 2 if it's of any matter) and we stumbled across an issue with 2 units struggling with pathfinding. Since pictures say more than words: The teams in question are the fireteam next to the HQ unit in the corner of the bocage (let them be known as first team for this post) and the section that has already had 3 men ran up to their waypoint (goi
  6. A video like this makes me forget I should be lurking and not posting. Hope Battlefront are ready for my money! (P.S. Cpt, Already enjoyed your AARs from a few months back and now I hopefully get to enjoy more of them if you have the time!)
  7. I have absolutely no clue, mate 😄 I spent some time playing war in the military, have an unhealthy fascination of (most) things military and have played different CM titles for about 4-5 years (I think) and I more than often get a gut feeling of "This is going great! Let's overrun them and take this building/hedge/ridge/something" just to find out the enemy was about 6 steps ahead of me and shredded my troops from an angle I had not even expected. Other times I hold my attack thinking that I have no chance, only to find out at the end screen that a handful of broken down men were the last line
  8. I do have to say: I absolutely love this approach to a tactical issue! Although it's the exact same question most people are battling with or have battled with (and to an extent deal with every game) it's from a new kind of perspective from at least where I first tackled it from. With good recon you can find out where you have the most favourable conditions, mask your movement towards that location as best you can so you don't warn the enemy of the impending attack (allowing them to reinforce) and then punch them in the face as hard as you can. Of course the more troops you commit the mor
  9. Ah fair enough. Well, I suppose it goes without saying I've never been the cleverest forum user in the world! I did see the username-bit, but thought the reset was somehow buggered as I didn't get the e-mail and figured that the e-mail must be the cause like I said above, but it must've just been either my e-mail being late to the party or the PW reset -system being jammed for a moment. But in anycase: Problem solved (which never really even was a problem) no need to keep this thread popping up to the top of the forums 😅 Thanks for the help, chin down and towards new disappoin
  10. Cheers Bud. It did, as you said, accept the e-mail with a missing letter, just completely mistyped my password over and over and over and the password reset took a few hours to actually appear in my inbox so I drew the conclusion that it thinks my e-mail ends with .co and doesn't send the password reset e-mail. Do you have a link for that? As someone who uses these forums less than once a year I've so far failed to find "directions from Steve"
  11. Hello, just noticed that with the new website there is a character limit for the e-mail address you can enter in order to log in or to reset your password (apparently 24 characters is the maximum). My e-mail address just so happens to be 25 characters long so it ends with ".co" instead of ".com" which causes a slight issue with signing in to the battlefront webpage 😅 Thanks in advance and for a great series of games!
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