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  1. In game terms, what advantage is there in keeping the platoons tight, with the HQ section staying within LOS of section elements? CMx1 had those magic red lines, clearly defining command zones which had clear effects on morale and communication, with coy and btn HQ elements used to plug the holes for knocked out platoon HQ teams. With CMx2 everything seems a bit vague in that regard - do HQ units need LOS since everyone should have a walkie talkie at the very least with ranges covering the whole map? What is the purpose of higher HQ units besides ad hoc FOs? How close do platoon leaders have
  2. RPG-26 seems to be godawful in general. Along with the very underwhelming thermobarics (RPO with a LOS should be gameover for whatever unit is on the receiving end, easily levelling a small house in one shot). Or the American 40mm is just overpowered. Full Russian section positioned in a building with 6xRPG-26s and 1xRPG-7 tube (+8 shots), firing their AT assets liberally, gets easily overwhelmed in a suppression contest vs a US team, also in a building, popping a few 40mm
  3. You guys are kidding, right? More proper qualitative comparison would be Ukraine and Congo (won't go as far as Nigeria...yet). And no, it won't get better unless the Americans subsidize the whole party with say 30-40 billion a year, because Ukraine is a Ju-87 in a dive as far as economy goes. Arms cost money, good arms cost a boatload of money. They are at the point when there is no money for basic social services and mob rule seems to be the new normal in Kiev. The fact that the whole country is living and breathing this trainwreck of an ATO sending Soviet era coffins to the front,
  4. Any chance for those sexy flora uniforms? Maybe randomized mixes of digital + flora vests and vice versa? Slightly different uniform fades possible?
  5. New arty was an adjustment - there was barely enough time to unload dismounts and Fast them to where they had to be before rounds started falling. All my 3 T-90 losses were due to arty in last mission, by the police station. Assault force concentrations had to be done in out-of-LOS nooks and crannies.
  6. Red campaign you have enough HE in those BMPs to oblitirate every house in 4 out of 5 maps you get to use them in massive numbers. I barely used arty and air coserving it for M1 hordes, but it turned out there was no need. End mission gives you 120 205mm shots (mini nukes), i conserved 50 shots not knowing that assault on Dnepropetrovsk is imaginary and the game was 2 mins from over No M1 hordes either, just 2 broken tanks.
  7. Just finished the red campaign and was majorly bummed out that it was over so quick. Finished with 60 red kia and 45 wia and ~350 blue kia and 13 tanks knocked out at veteran/real time. Was it because of 5 total victories achieved the campaign did not "diverge"? Or is it that short? Last mission had an amazing map but luckluster blue force setup (100 US with 2 immobilized M1s and 1 mobile one vs 350 Rus with something like 10 FOs in 7 story vantage point) resulting in abit of a cakewalk TKO with 1 hour to spare (Blue arty use was mmagnificent however and felt human). Last mission would've wor
  8. Realistically, the effectiveness of assisted spotting should be dependent on the time of the day. FLIR should be next to useless when the sun is up on a nice summer day. I've used only the tripod mounted infantry thermal irl and was barely able to make out blobs in the treeline at practically point blank range (~150m) which were supposed to be an infantry section. If the instructor didn't tell me where to look exactly, I probably wouldn't be able to spot them with all the heat noise from other terrain features. Vehicle ones should have the similarly poor performance. Night time however they ar
  9. Besides Gorka, some of the more recent Flora variations mixed in with digital camo would be authentic for MSV. Iconic Sphera helmets simply must be included if there are ever Interior Troops or proxy elements implemented. CMSF had quite a few "rag-tag" mod options with possible uniform variations within the same squad, so hopefully CMBS will eventually take that a step further for increased immersion.
  10. I dunno if you played the epic Red vs Red Hasrabbit and Perdition campaigns for CMSF, but both were the perfect executions of well equipped and organized "uncon/rebels/separatists" vs regular army scenario (and coincidentally the most fun I've had with CM series since Beyond Overlord).
  11. Will the infamous Mishka 1 - The Mentally Hilarious Tank Driver bit from last summer be included as a background chatter for Ukrainians? http://cassad.net/tv/videos/542/
  12. But there should be a significant amount of predictability due to preparation and capabilities. A veteran infantry formation breaching a building held by a green squad or isolated stragglers with 3 to 1 odds should be a straight forward, almost mechanical affair and not the trip to the casino. Loosing 2-5 veteran guys to "recce by dying" against every isolated shooter holed up in a building or some bush seems very excessive.
  13. Would BFC alternate timelines ever include Gorka wearing uncons or at least the Russian army recce/ GRU troops in Gorka to use as uncons? Especially when the real life version are not just the typical light infantry but have the full assortment of kit and proper structure, making them simply the most awesome uncon force ever for CM purposes? A sort of a qualitative bridge between RuAF and UkrAF for those of us who want to keep it realistic or are generally not too interested in playing with the NATO kit in the equation
  14. Too true. Unpredictability of infantry behavior is frustrating to say the least. MOUT/FIBUA fights are just painful without vehicles demolishing everything on the advance path and infantry acting simply as an occupying force. Even then, during the mop up stage there are always 3-4 scattered enemy teams with 1 member left that would inflict the most serious casualties by blasting full auto into bunched up breach squads who are blind as mice (something that would be unlikely to happen irl - frontal breach of a building "defended" by single a single scared, shell shocked and possibly wounded
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