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  1. Don't press the button then I Have found that in CMBN if I accidentally click the mouse before the battlefront splash Window appears the screen goes white and windows asks me if i want to terminate the program or wait for it to respond, If I click wait the game loads fine.... thats the only similar situation I have had with CM games.. Thats with Windows 7 64bit
  2. I am crossing my fingers that there are no new problems
  3. Thanks... really looking forward to this patch to start the campaigns
  4. Hi there, I had the same problem, the problem with your internet provider, I'm with talk talk... The only thing that worked me was to power off my router for 5 seconds, after that I wad able together anti the BF website :-)
  5. +1 thanks for the great mod, I'm playing through the CW German campaign it really adds to the immersion :-)
  6. Obviously the MGs on the tanks are not enough to suppress the mg42 team behind the bocage, wether its because of the cover or the mg42 teams level of experience and high morale.... or a combination of both. To me, if small arms fail to make the enemy run or become suppressed enough, its time to break out the big guns....bocage is thick stuff...
  7. I always try to the use the main tank cannon on mg42s until they are dead or totally routed/broken... The mg42 is a scary weapon and should be feared, I think the game feels right MG wise for all sides.
  8. What cover is the MG42 behind? Also what was the experience lvl of the MG42 team?
  9. But there is no red sign until a mine is triggered or the engineers find the minefield....I think :-)
  10. Hi RM its in the repository, the link is below :-) http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=314&func=fileinfo&id=1456
  11. Hi there, I had no idea there where so many campaigns, where are the user made ones you have listed, in the repository? Thanks
  12. I recall in the Scottish corridor campaign taking out a bunker with direct fire from a Piat.... that was with the latest version 3.11.... Also in the Same campaign I'm sure I remember a 95mm gunned Churchill tank destroying a wooden bunker with direct fire and kiling all the occupants, again that was with v3.11.
  13. Cool thanks:-) One more question.. I notice there are mods that that come with the campaign, I have put the mod files in my RT mod folder, is that correct?
  14. Just loaded cross of iron up, impressive stuff, well done, looking forward to playing through it :-) Just to make sure, is the link at the start of this for the latest version? Thanks
  15. Are you running any sound mods? I found that with the 5.1 sound mod the first time a sound was used, especially arty, there was a very small pause in the game.... BTW the first mission in the German campaign is slow on my PC as well, I think its a bit of a system hogger :-)
  16. I found that the vsync settings of adaptive and then half refresh rate worked wonders for my FPS...
  17. I am a bit OCD in real life, silly things like making sure the TV volume is on an even number and not an odd one... Last night I was playing the red hordes scenario in red thunder, I had a AT gun in the village nearest the river in a position to fire into the flank of any T-34 coming up the road, but before they could get any shots off all but 2 of the crew where killed by a Soviet smg squad... A minute or two later the remaining crew recovered and on there own killed 4 T-34s.. I think this kind of situation is what makes CM special, through chaos , misfortune and heroism a realistic na
  18. I only reload if I forgot to give an intended order I meant to give during the orders phase(which is rare). Other than that no, painful(deadly) tactical lessons are the best lessons, not sure my poor troops would agree though
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