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  1. i find the RPG-7 to be deadly out to like 200-250 meters if the operator is in good shape but the throw away RPG22 and 26 are useless and would never put any hope in them out side of 100 meters
  2. yeah pretty much the only systems you cant fire inside are the AT-4C it wont let you deploy it cause it would kill your guys if fired
  3. apparently two captured b3's how do you ID? note bottom of page is burning BMP no bodys http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=191_1409599577
  4. making an uneducated guess here on the secound picture but they could be t72's just by the space between the road wheels hard to tell with all the mud and the angle
  5. i tend to watch the replay once from an overhead view and then if i need too ill rewatch the turn zoomed in on the points of action edit: i miss read this i tend to save every turn just incase my mouse double clicks the end turn (its on its way out) but i would never"replay" a turn i would rather redo the mission
  6. the rate of fire on the 60mm mortars can be good for suppression or doing some moral damage before an assault sometimes forcing troops to do the last thing you want and try to run out of the buildings
  7. mine says 14.501 for driver and its up to date is combat mission dx 11?
  8. i have had these cards for a long time sadly ATi stands on the rule of not supporting legacy drivers (waiting on DCS 2.0) but a new card is out of the picture for now sadly
  9. i might be in the same boat here with my HD 5790's i get the same thing a fix is to press alt-R for shaders off better than green
  10. pretty much on point and if you read the briefing from the Russian side they know your coming but don't know that you are Russian spec ops, your goal is to delay the enemy for a mechanized unit to come to destroy them. this is one of those mission where when you read both briefings the back story is awfully believable
  11. i think its referring to AA as MANPADS, SAMs as the Tunguska and to my knowledge their is no AAA other than the Tunguska and i haven't seen it use its guns towards the sky
  12. my under standing of the briefing is that they are attempting to break supplies through a encirclement so you could expect they would know bad guys are going to be ahead
  13. wow any idea what that was? edit: most plausible reports online are that it was a weapons factory located on a Syrian military research facility
  14. i had an interesting moment in the 'ambush' scenario as red i heard a hind fire off an ATGM then my igla launched a few seconds later there was a explosion just off map no air kills i assumed this was an aborted atgm
  15. i love these little teams they are great scouts and if push comes to shove can pull off some mean ambushes on much larger forces just never put any hope in the RPG26 its god awful beyond 50-70 meters
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