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  1. Above I edited the post to the wrong video. Here the right one after 9:00 mark is super relevant.
  2. @The_Capt It sounds like you were surprised by the T62s? Were you expecting T64s? I would rush forward with the T-62 mass to get to close range cluster ****. When you move on mass Bill will get some killed but not even close to all of them. Addition targets can be provided with the BMPs. While Bill is busy shooting up the mass I would shoot and scoot with the T-64s supported by BMP ATGMs. (put the BMPs to worse positions than T-64s so they get spotted before T-64s) Bills tanks would be easy spots while they are firing. T-62s would do the dying, while T-64s would do the killing.
  3. After watching this my life is not complete before I play a CM:CW scenario where US Army command post is conducting a hasty defense against Soviet airmobile assault force.
  4. Haha, sounds like me in 2014 when I first heard about black sea.
  5. Conservative list that I am pretty sure is going to happen: - UI scaling with resolution. No more postage stamp sized main menu... - Different map heatmap filters (Hight, terrain) - ability to completely customize key bindings - Graphics: render distance (CM looks good close up, but with far distances detail gets lost fast), performance (60fps standard even medium hardware) - Modern mapmaking tools and other QoL improvements for the devs - some sort of LOS-visualization tool
  6. I didn't document it but I had total victory at very high cost. 150 KIA/WIA and 16 BMPs dead. Scenario toke me 45min to finish. (yeah, speed and casualties are linked) Some how got the friend casualties bonus maybe because the militia got to go back to their families. Here is my plan and what actually happened: https://imgur.com/a/Tx3loVz Plan was to find the path with least resistance. (and ofcourse if possible wipe the whole map of enemies) I deducted from the briefing that my force is expendable and the initial attack on the VIP was SO violent that the battle was conducted like a proper soviet attack mostly mounted. I didn't think the fort would hold for long. Counted that I had to be there before the blocking fire from the mortars runs out. So never saw my heavy arty or militia. And at the end I saw I would have had time. The beginning assault on the VIP was a short one. Was fun and challenging. The situation with the VIP was little confusing, first huge assault and then mostly nothing. Maybe constant smaller pressure would have been better here? (I don't know, probably this was limited but the AI scripting tool) I would not risk it at all with the VIP. Campaign over if he is killed.
  7. What sort of ammo M48A5 had available?
  8. It was a good mission. Not boring at all. Lots of little different tactical buzzles. EDIT: Did you know if you press shift+enter multible times the forum sends multiple copies of the same message Whoops!
  9. It was a good mission. Not boring at all. Lots of little different tactical buzzles.
  10. Good to hear! Soviet battle drill style tactics are probably indeed easiest to do well with CM AI scripting.
  11. Second mission was fun, I lot easier than the last. Half of the casualties came from TacAI pathfinding error (well, really my error of playing really too loosely at the end) cost 1 BMP and 1 MMG squad inside. [spoilers] here is are some screenshots of the battle two: https://imgur.com/a/S8iPgrF
  12. I wonder can they pull it off. Making the AI attack well is hard and building a campaign around this must be extra hard. I have only seen couple of exceptional scenarios where the player is put on defense.
  13. Actually would really interesting to see a comprehensive comparison between the practical capability comparison between the two. Very similar: - Accuracy (Fire control system, optics) - Lethality (ammo, gun) Improvements with the M1 - armor protection (significantly more) https://i.imgur.com/x6C6pXf.png - mobility (significantly more) 72kph vs 48kph - crew protection (compartmentalized ammo, etc.) https://youtu.be/WDs5oQW1vNA Abrams Switchology (this is M1A1 but to my understanding A1 mostly effected mechanical stuff as armor and gun) https://youtu.be/PW0uRHKzXhM M60A3 TTS Switchology http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php/M60A3_(TTS) https://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=M1
  14. Couple of tips for you and any readers: 1. Why do your tank hunter hulldown commands have "hunt" at the end? This risks going to far in the hulldown. Units don't spot fast enough to also get in perfect hulldown against the thing they spot. I manually check with the target command one action spot at a time against the location I want to be in hulldown to. The first action spot that says "hulldown" I put the move order to. (or do you just use the hunt command where I use the regular move orders to be extra sure here?) 2. The "cover arch"-command. It doesn't matter for spotting how wide it is. It only orients the sensors(heads and turret) to the central direction of the arch. It is optimal to use 180 degree max range arch with the middle of the arch pointing at the intended focus area. But of course if you want to prevent the unit from shooting anything else than lets say one unit, it is a good idea to use narrower arch.
  15. In steam version: D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Combat Mission Black Sea\Game Files\Campaigns
  16. I would be happy with an option for people who own Red Thunder AND Final Blitzkrieg to combine the games in quick battles. Would make for some interesting mods and PBEMs. Might be technologically very hard to do with reasonable effort. I doubt the code base would be so exceptionally modular.
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