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  1. Thanks, just what I was looking for. So the situation is still indistinguishable from a reality where Russia is going to start a kinetic operation. We will see in coming weeks.
  2. As I understand it there were a lot of formations on paper. Combat capable ones are another thing. When I looked at the forces used in the early ATO-operation they seemed to consist of handful of low strength battalions. I would assume now lots of these paper formations have been made in to real formations that are combat ready but data on this would be interesting.
  3. Is it public knowledge what the Ukrainians actually have at this time when it comes to a military? 2014 there was only couple of very understrength battalions and volunteer formations. I really wonder what is the situation today?
  4. Well, in the Finnish army LAWs are for killing IFVs. Only to be fired at MBTs if you have the perfect shot(side/rear/top). I doubt LAWs were though as designated weapons against MBTs in the 70-80s.
  5. CM Helper works with steam. https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/thefgmforum/threads/how-to-cm-helper-and-dropbox.25557/
  6. you have to activate the Battle Pack license separately. "Activate New Products" in the folder with the games .exe-file
  7. I have been scraping the internet for mods for the CMRT. With varying success. Does anybody have or want to share their mod mega collection? I am also looking for a nice collection of campaigns. The scenario depot has 4. I suspect there are a lot more out there. Too bad that in CM mods are sooo all over the place. It is unavoidable to miss a lot of good content.
  8. Would you be referring to a certain soviet tanks that start with the letter "T" ?
  9. Sweden had solid plans with NATO and would have gone that route. Finland is a bit trickier to tell. Some options: 1. Lets Soviets use Finnish territory and pass through (Finno-Soviet Treaty of 1948) And most likely gets permanently occupied in the process. 2. Refuses Soviet pass through and gets invaded. This could lead to varying degrees of occupation or even just using airspace and sea without permission.
  10. Thank you, fascinating information! Just what I was looking for. Also answered some of my other questions like how Soviet naval infantry was going to be used (Norway..).
  11. Hi, I was wondering how USMC would have been used in a cold war gone hot scenario like CMCW 1975-1985? (Yes, I am also thinking about USMC module...) Where? How? Against what?
  12. wow, looks awesome! And awesome idea as a feature
  13. Thanks, this cleared it up. There were old conversations about this way back when.
  14. Yes, I am sure in practice the LoS is calculated from the launcher/weapon system. This has always been like this as far as I can tell. But is this the case when player uses the "target" command with its redline to judge the viability of the hulldown position at the end of a "move" command.
  15. Hmm, interesting. Thanks for the write-up! My main challenge with the T-62 have been especially spotting and second the rate of fire. Modern T-55 even have practically the same penetration as T-62 but I am not sure about the ammo of this era...
  16. Maybe he means that the "target" command LoS calculation is made incorrectly not from the optics of the launcher but from somewhere closer to the eyes of the gunner. This causes the hull-down command to position the vehicles too "high" in the hulldown position. Also hard to judge manual hulldown if the "target" command gives "eye level" LoS and not the weapon system LoS. I am not sure about this but I have read comments about "feature" in the past and getting these basterds to a good enough hulldown is in deed bloody hard.
  17. @The_Capt How do you feel about the T-62 performance (price/performance and in the big picture)? I Have have been traumatized by this tank in the past titles and I always go for T-55/T-72 if given the choice.
  18. A video AAR of this match would be epic. This would probable require giving the save files and beta access to some content creator like @Hapless @Battlefront.com , @BFCElvis would this be possible? Would be great marketing!
  19. Strangely still one of my favorite CMBS mods
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