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  1. I have a strong suspicion this is the same battle that caused me to start scratching my head on how to rock M1134 Strykers.
  2. Good comparison. These vehicles have huge max ranges and as far as I understand it are mostly used for long ranges irl. How do they preform in <500m range ambush situations or are MBTs just going to chew them up?
  3. I have always been Armor/Mech man (this is were I served) and just starting to get the hang of using motorized troops efficiently. Now I have a big pile of TOW-2B Strykers and no experience in using them. How do you like to use ATGM-vehicles or do you use them at all? Hulldown overwatch with long range observation? Assisting spotter spots and the ATGM-vehicle moves to hulldown, engages and then backs away? Can the M1134 Stryker (TOW-2B) compete with T-90A/AM or T-72B3 in long range fights? Medium range? I am worried the tanks spot the ATGM launch and kill the vehicle before the missile hits. Any real live tactic handbooks out there for these?
  4. Could the friend set up the QB and sent the save file to you? But the downside of this is both must have to the same game and version. What types of QB do you think the AI is the most competent at? For example I don't really like the types of battles where you kill a whole tank battalion in a single bottle neck...
  5. I would like to get some tips on setting up satisfying and challenging quick battles. What are the Dos and don'ts of selecting the AIs forces? How big of an advantage to give the AI? Picking the map? The game mode? And so on... At the moment I am mainly playing CMBS but I am sure this stuff is pretty universal in CM.
  6. Yeah, I want to learn to minimize the casualties to the extend it is possible. I just don't want to lose 50% of my infantry when I know the scenario is doable with 20% casualties. I attached a picture from CMBS battle pack 1: Russian campaign mission #2. Here you can see my current default strategy with towns... This time it was two tank platoons, two artillery batteries and one IFV platoon in supporting fires when two (preferably mounted) platoons mop up. Problem with this approach is sometimes the town is too big and you don't have enough boom boom to make it go away. That is when I struggle. ***SPOILER****
  7. Hi, I am looking for gameplay (AAR, singleplayer, multiplayer ext. all is of interest to me) from a skilled player in a large urban setting. I mostly play BS and SF titles but all CM2 games are ok. I would like to learn more about urban fighting in relatively large urban environments. I tend to take high casualties when I am put to these situations or/and advance way to slowly. I have read and watched most if not all tutorials and guides (Battle Drill blog, CM:TTP, Armchair General ...) and now I am really just looking to see some good implementations of those tactics in urban setting.
  8. Thank you for your reply but I am mainly interested in multiplayer aka. PvP gameplay for CMBS. I am familiar with Usually Hapless and Krause but I have not found any multiplayer content for Black Sea from them.
  9. I have been watching a lot of Combat mission multiplayer after action reports on youtube but I cannot find any for CMBS.
  10. --- US 2# mission spoilers! --- Finally trying the new US campaign and I am having trouble with the US campaign 2# mission (big city assault conducted with reinforced stryker company). I have beaten this mission but with over 50% casualties and most of these are infantry casualties. My main troubles: - The enemy defense lines inside the city make it almost impossible to use supporting fires without huge risk to the strykers and using artillery can only go so far on its own. I am taking big infantry casualties because I am not able to provide sufficient fire support to the infantry. - Time limit doesn't allow me to move slowly enough to take no risks in urban combat. Also the incoming Russian arty strikes make moving slow pretty deadly - The enemy counter attacks cause big casualties when they happen in the middle of urban combat that is already on its own just barely under control. I fail to attack and be ready to defend the same time. - The are so many angles and buildings to cover and I don't have the bullets to blow up every dubious looking building. - Efficient use of javelins is pretty challenging or near impossible inside the city apart from couple of main roads and I also really really need the infantry teams for the urban combat. If I split an AT team from all of my squads I am stuck with over sized clumsy infantry teams dying to RPGs ext.. How did you guys start approaching this one? Or do you have some gameplay or battle blogs you could link?
  11. I really liked the style of this scenario. I was wondering are you planing to make more?
  12. I now played it with the Blue force and also came up with some changes for the Red force as well. The game was sort of boring but still entertaining. I withdraw all my troops to the town and put up a defense. Ukrainians are so outnumbered that you can't really do anything, but just watch as your troops get hammered and slow the enemy. You just sit there and try to die as slowly as possible. I held the town with around 50% casualties and then the reinforcements arrived. The BTR-4Es are superior the anything red can throw at them. I just drove the BTRs to the opposite side of the map, while killing all enemies on the map. I got total victory. To sum up. First there was nothing I could really do to contest the enemy force. When the reinforcements arrive it is the opposite. There is nothing the enemy can do. It was same when playing the Red force, just vice versa. Suggestions: - Make the reinforcements weaker. For example leave out the BTR-4Es or replace them with BMP-2s. Then while playing Red you can delay the reinforcements for a while to cover the retreat. Not get instant raped when BTR-4Es take the high ground. - Give the defender some supporting arms. I thing something like LMG team(s) and an AT team (RPG-7) would be enough. Then the first contact would be more like a fight. I think with these and some other changes the battle would not be so one sided. (first to Red and then to Blue)
  13. I am pretty happy with the scenario I played as the attacker. I destroyed the initial Ukrainian defenses with ease. The BMP-2 was my main weapon. Scouts I send found the enemy APCs and then I took them out one by one with the BMP. While this was happening one of the platoons secured my right flank (and the touch objective there) and one squad hunted down the man at the lumber mill. After this the mortars made a heavy strike to the town. I assaulted the town from three directions. Took it easily. Set up a hasty defense, I was confident (too confident) that I could take out the reinforcements. Then the they arrived. I saw how strong they where and decided to run before they would kill me, but still I suffered some losses. I got a small victory.
  14. I know how it goes with CV9030FIN. I am in the Finnish army as a CV9030 gunner. CV has locks on all of the hatches, but all of them can be opened really fast with a sledgehammer. It is a safety feature in case of accident. Also enemy can shoot through the periscopes, when shooting from a high angle. So, we cant really keep someone determined from getting in indefinitely. Although we have pistols and lots of grenades to help protect ourselves.
  15. I did not enter the "setup zone". My troops were in the buildings on the east side of the city preparing to storm. They also over watched the fields where the Russians arrived.
  16. This topic helped me a lot: http://community.battlefront.com/topic/118142-help-with-urban-combat-tactics/#entry1581986
  17. yeah, that little part sort of sucks the credibility out of it.
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