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  1. HI tryspawn, I'm a newbie at these games. I've been messing around with them since cmx1, im not very good. I really enjoyed your thoughts on how to approach the battle in video #1. I have no idea really how to approach a battle, since I have no military background; however I found your introduction on terrain and the scope of battle great. I will watch it again and again. I also found your videos on cmsf , this is what I need to become much better at these games, I really thankyou for making them, the manual doesn't do this part. Al
  2. I believe I saw Armchair General Colonel use a 2nd or 3rd way point to target a enemy when his unit arrives at that point. I tried it but it is not working . Also can you use this Technic for all the games (combat Mission) If it is in the manual please let me know, I didn't see it I am not real good at this game, but I really want to get into it.
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