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  1. It may be just my impression but I get the sense that EU is setting a harsher and harsher line against Russia with time due to the Minsk protocols not being respected by Russia. Leads me to think that they'll continue to ramp up their support to Ukraine the more Russia plays games. Also, thanks for your thorough answer to my request for a prediction Steve!
  2. No one is going to argue against Fox News being a propaganda piece. New York times has a much better reputation.
  3. Ukrainians are now confirming that the Russian invaders have finally captured the Donetsk Airport.
  4. Steve, given your obvious foresight into how this conflict was predictable, do you have any predictions as to what will happen now that Russia is invading Ukraine for the 3rd time?
  5. Don't get the point of all this "Prove to me that Russia is involved" yelling. The only people that this needed to be proven to are the people in power in nations with influence across the world. Multiple rounds of sanctions, and the whole free world telling Putin to get out of Ukraine during the Austrailian G20 shows pretty clearly that the powers that were interested in finding out the truth have in fact found it out. At this point Russian denials are only good enough to allow "neutral" nations like China to save face when deciding not to join in on the sanctions train.
  6. Given the Chinese see how well going against the West is working out for Russia's economy, why would they think it's a worthwhile pursuit?
  7. Videos can be used against the defenders, I would attribute the difference in video availability to the fact that the Separatists have a lot more irregular yahoos that are there for PR stunts then the Ukrainians.
  8. I'm curious: if NATO really got involved in a war with Russia, wouldn't opportunistic China jump in to steal some Siberia from Russia while it's busy?
  9. Don't buy that for a second. How could a country not know about military stockpiles on it's territory after 20+ years? The military switched to Ukrainian in the early 90s when Ukraine became independent. Soviet officers on Ukrainian territory became Ukrainian officers, while some of them might have continued to be loyal to the Soviet cause, the majority of them did not so there's simply no way the Ukrainian officers wouldn't have kept track of where the military stockpiles on their territory are.
  10. It has become iconic in Ukrainian eyes due to numerous failed Separatist assault attempts starting from as early as the end of last May when Ukrainian forces recaptured it after a quick grab by the separatists. The defenders of the airport have earned the nick-name Cyborgs in the Ukrainian media (supposedly the Separatists first gave them that name) due to their ability to withstand death. Due to the airport being surrounded by an open area it appears to be well suited for defense considering Ukrainian artillery from Pisky and Avdiivka can and have been shelling any Separatist assaults on the
  11. Hi everyone, new user here. Can't believe there's a game about this conflict already, that's some good foresight! The ceasefire was supposedly sort of working until a couple of days ago. Recently that have been numerous engagements across the front including another strong attack on the Donetsk airport that brought down it's iconic tower and a graphic artillery strike on a Ukrainian checkpoint that shredded a bus full of civilian refugees: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-30798426/ and the *VERY GRAPHIC* video: (removed) or PG-13 version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16pUz8nVLR4 St
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