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  1. US will hardly invest enough money into Ukraine to make it a prosperous country, but to let it survive, not to get economics disaster (what can lead to an uncontrolled goverment change) - sure, why not? US can give it enough money for it. It's not a business loan for US it's their geopolitical expenses.
  2. It's a nature of information warfare. It doesn't really matter how reasonable and believable statements you make just repeat them again and again and if you have enough media resources many people will belive that it's the truth. So if you bombing your enemy for several months just say that it's enemy bombing himself all this time and people will finally agree with you - sure, it's logical they bombing themselfs again and again it's their never-ending provocation.
  3. Yes, sure it's evil russians bombing Donetsk for several months already almost daily while Ukranian army has nothing to do with it. Ask Psaki about it, she will tell you the truth.
  4. I doubt. Plutonium is how KGB eliminates enemies of Russia. CIA or NSA will probably stuff him with coca-cola and hamburgers to death.
  5. Steve, I hoped to get an answer from a native american on why US goverment keeps so many citizens in prisons? I am just puzzled with this fact. Is it how true democracy functions? You ignored this question so you don't know the answer (it's ok you may not know) or US goverment will prosecute you if you tell me the truth?
  6. I like how US special services wiretaped Merkel - is it how allies and friends acts to each other? Of course speaking about satelites I don't mean that they are by 100% controled by US. In fact US use the carrot and stick approach to control them but sometimes they can do something against US policy if population of their country is strongly against some US actions and ideas and if US won't punish them for it too harsh. National goverments still have to go via elections periodically so they cannot ignore all the time what people in their own country think and feel.
  7. The point of this video is not that they pull some crap there by mistake becouse they didn't check facts good enough. This video shows that they actually don't care about facts at all being a propaganda and as soon as it becomes clear that facts are against them and their propaganda they prevent a truth (or the opposite point of view at least) to be said. And they are still in business after it what ruins a theory about western medios being so special in terms of reputation.
  8. I think you should watch this video. It shows how some (I don't say all for sure) west medias work for goverment for propaganda purpoces instead of being a source of unbiased information. And against your theory it even doesn't ruin their media business.
  9. Where did I say the source should be Russian? I would prefer Bulgarian sources on this exact matter.
  10. And you prove your version with the link to a US news-paper, seriously?
  11. The truth is that most countries in this list are not friends or allies of the west but it's sattelites. For example Bulgaria was really interested in building a new gas pipeline from Russia to Bulgaria (and further to other EU countires) via Black Sea called "South Stream" cause it would give a lot of energy for Bulgaria and EU and Russia wanted it as well, but EU blocked it cause US didn't want it to happen. Cancelation of this project is bad for Russia, it is bad for Bulgaria, it is bad for Europe, but who cares about Russia, EU or Bulgaria profit while US says NO. This is the difference between being a friend and sattelite.
  12. You speak about France here... acually France refused to provide Russia with Mistrals ships recentry under the pressure of US. These ships are no way a strategic weapon and the fact that France broke the contract will hurt France reputation at the world weapon market and France will have to play a big forfeit for Russia so it's against french interests and they didn't want to do so, they delayed a final decisions and still didn't state it clear enough,but US makes them to say NO.
  13. I didn't say US is a horrible place to live now. Nope. There is quite a high level of life there. Higher than in Russia for sure The point actually is that it's not the most democratic/free country in the world how US likes to present itself. However ordinary people don't care about democracy that much. They care about level of life (job, salaries, medicine, roads e.t.c.) and don't really care whether goverment watching them or not even if it breaks their right for private life e.t.c. Snowden showed US people that goverment watching them and what happened? Goverment was retired? Some new laws were implemented to prevent goverment from this? Nothing happened in fact. Ordinary people don't really care about freedom. Btw can you explain why US is at the 1st place in the world for the number of people kept in prisons per 100 000 of it's population. Russia is at the 10 place in this rating for example. Are there so many criminals in US or are US laws so severe or what? I personally have no exact idea but it makes me think bad about US justice though Russian justice is bad either I won't deny it. For your note I don't belive russian state media and don't usually read\watch them. The same I actually don't belive US or other state medias cause they all lie more or less. I make my conclusions on many sources of information and I had an oportunity to visit various countries (China, US, EU ) and talk to people from these countries directly. You probably will be shocked but I never voted for Putin and don't support his internal policy while I find his external policy reasonable more or less. It's not like I hate US or EU either, I just say about them here what I see in their actions without being blinded by US/EU propaganda (yes, western countries also has propaganda). I see that US nor tries to bring some real democracy anywhere, it just uses people dissatisfaction in various countries to change goverments there in profit of US first of all. I won't call US an evill empire for it however. I think the world is a cruel place and all countries in the world are fighting for their own interests except those that chosen a role of US sattelite already and betray their own interests in profit of US.
  14. I personally think that russian people mentality and russian culture much more close to the West than to the East and we would better cooperate with US and EU to balance growing power of China, and Russia actually wanted to cooperate with US and EU after USSR failure, however it was showed to Russia quite clear that West doesn't want any fair cooperation with Russia.
  15. Where did I say that Russia want to isolate itself from world and world economy? By independence I mean that Russian people whant to have a goverment that will make decisions for the profit of Russia. We don't want a goverment that will do what US president tells them to do against our national interests as EU leaders used to already.
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