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  1. May i ask why did battlefront include export version of BMP-2 in russian army list too?
  2. The thing is this text about downgraded export version called T-90SM, not the russian one called T-90AM (which never will be adopted to the army btw)..
  3. Its simple - if some one produce bad gear he went to siberia. Not only US media. There were debates in UK and even Israel.
  4. Why this time you didnt call it propaganda? But then they do, you call them terrorists.
  5. Russia have 2500 BM-21, 900 BM-27 and 106 BM-30. Each brigade have MLRS troop plus russia have independent batters what can be added to any unit.
  6. No one will ever try to stop 240mm rockets. But if MLRS will use ATACMS it will be intercepted even by tunguska. How US plan to stop Russian MLRS hordes is the good question too.
  7. I didn't see any tactical markings on the vehicles.
  8. http://world.guns.ru/grenade/rus/rshg-1-e.html It can be given to any soldier just like all other disposable launchers.
  9. As far as i know only for combat testing. Just like SCAR project. So only 1/3 will be M2s? In my mind 7,62 GPMGs are better then 5,56 LMGs. I dont realy think what US can field APS on big number of theyr tanks any soon. Newer Kornets fire 2 rockets at the same target. That is the harder way then top attack, but still it will work.
  10. I will discuss it only after it will be called M-25. Most of the brigades are not using M2s. Am i wright? Most marksmans are just dudes with M4 with ACOG. MSV have at least 1 SVD in each platoon. RPK-74 are not used by the russian army right now. And even more some brigades have come to 2 PKMs in evry section. BTRs can float.
  11. I dont realy think what they can survive PG-7VR hit. Or even PG-7VL. And yeah striker have better IED protection, i will not denie it. So i can say about 30mm. TIs are great, but you need them to spot targets, not for aiming. BTR/BMP are part of the section. Section commander are the vehicles commander. They can not be splited. Its just said what section comander can do it if it will be usefull.
  12. Motor-rifle troops. Main component of the russian ground forces. Even more - we have MSV and support assets for the MSV.
  13. For now section leader and senior gunner have the radios. When the Ratnik will show up MSV will have the same netcentric gear as the us army.
  14. They have the same. ACs, RPGs and .50 will penetrate them bouth. Here i will agree. But still 30mm AC is a huge boost. There is no dismounted inf in MSV. Each BTR or BMP are part of the infantry section just like any other soldier in it. They never split coz russian section are smaller then US one. Sure some soldiers can be assignet to the some sort of task but they will not do it regulary. As i said above MSV section will allways have support from BTR or BMP.
  15. US better at shooting while RU better in suppresive fire and movement due to better APCs. Most of US inf are ride in Strykers and HMMVEs. Most MSV use BTRs.
  16. Crimean conscripts serve in russian army just like evrybody else. We do not form brigades formed from ppl from only one region - in all or units serve coscripts from different regions.
  17. They were formed before Crimea become part of russia and they are disbanded. Crimea is the russian soil too. And the ppl leve here are russian citizens. They are not part of doctrine. Russian troops will cooperate only with regular troops. Russian military doctrine aims for the fast mechanized offensive, paramilitary formations are simply too slow and had bad gear. Russian armed forces have enough AKs and BTRs to form new MRBs if needed.
  18. Where did he get those pictures btw? They are not part of our military doctrine. When russia will start mobolisation all coscripts will go into carde brigades to fill them to full strength.
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