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  1. I've got 16 GB of RAM in order to play other games I hope they will fix this bug in the next patch - I'm really looking forward to play this 3rd mission...
  2. Same problem with the third russian mission here. When I send all of my BMPs over the river it crashes. When I just send a single one it works... I hope this bug will be fixed, so that I can end the russian campaign. Got 16 gb ram and 2 gb vram (ati card).
  3. Sounds great. I'm really looking forward to try your sound mod.
  4. Me too After a couple of tries yesterday evening - all downloads crashed... , I started this morning again - took about half a hour and finally I can play
  5. Haven't downloaded the full game yet, but already got your mod Thanks adk!
  6. Hmm... 2 hours left and 2,2 of 5,1 gb...
  7. I had the same problem for about 20 minutes. A few seconds ago the download finally started! Thank you BF!
  8. Can't reach the site That's the curse if one want to play a game on release day...
  9. Can you download it? I just bought the game and wait for the download to begin.
  10. Hi, same problem here... 27$ for shipping in Germany - way too expensive! It's hard to knwo that you guys can play, while we europeans have to wait for the digital version I've played all titles since CMBO, can't wait to play the new one. greetings
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