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  1. Sadly, ArmA 3 still doesn't have the terrain absorbing any heat, which means that humans and vehicles glow like flares in the dark even on a sunny day in the desert
  2. I'm up for this, in PBEM if that works for you. I can also generally do a turn a day. Details in PM's?
  3. You don't need Javelins to be a large threat to armoured forces. On a desert and large open plains they truly are a must, but in a more restrictive terrain, eg. forests and urban environments, infantry can easily engage and destroy armour with NLAWs and other AT weapons that lack the range and top attack quality that the Javelin has.
  4. It's really all about the tactics We basically let the enemy get into our depth, as it has to stay on roads in our heavily forested/swampy terrain. The mechanized forces are then ambushed from multiple points of the "column" simultaneously. Basically we try to gain a momentary superiority of fire, blow up a few of their precious vehicles, 'cause havoc and panic. Then we disengage and disappear into the woods and arty starts falling on the stopped mechanized units. It's not perfect and it's more likely to just slow down the enemy attack rather than stop it outright but it causes a lot of losse
  5. @Currahee Holy **** that's a wall of text So basically it doesn't radically differ from our use, the finnish way that is, of light infantry. The main difference of course being that the majority of our land forces are made out of infantry companies with nothing more than trucks or at most wheeled APC's for transport. Our terrain also offers more advantage to light infantry than the Ukrainian steppe or the Fulda gap, our eastern border being mostly forests and swamps. @Nidan I doubt that US marines in Iraq can really be taken into account here, or anything in Iraq due to the curbstomp n
  6. Hey! I've been thinking about the role of light infantry, or regular non mechanized infantry, on the modern battlefield. As far as I know very few countries even have such units anymore, except for airborne and special operations units. How would such units be used on the field, what kind of tasks they would be given? What roles would they fill? Basically how, where and why would they fight. I am rather familiar with the new finnish doctrine that focuses on the infantry doing aggressive strikes on enemy mechanized units retricted to roads in the rough wooded terrain. Then disengaging and
  7. So, as the thread name says My black sea crashes every time I choose Scenario editor or Quick battle from the main menu. I can open battles and campaigns and even start the games on them no problem, but it just crashes on me on these ones. I'll try to find my crashlogs (where are they?) and post them here as they may be of help.
  8. I don't think the series portrays the germans as being "forced by hitler and his gang". Wilhelm goes to war out of sense of duty towards his fatherland, not because he totally just has to. Friedhelm is reluctant, yes but then again: how many US citizen soldiers were a bit reluctant to cross the atlantic ocean and maybe die far away from home fighting the German bloke? You are not supposed to have pity on them because they have done horrible things but rather because the war has changed all of them and their world profoundly, because the world they lived in no longer exist. No matter if the wor
  9. The first time I played this one it went into overtime and on the last minute I managed to get a fireteam inside the monastery to capture it. Thankfully the germans had been routed by mortars and supression. I remember it being tremendously challenging (I think it was the first CMFI scenario I played, also damn that reverse slope MG42) but it was also very rewarding to get those beat up rangers from hilltop to hilltop
  10. How I've seen this whole debacle is that due to the events at Maidan Putin was forced to act in Ukraine before the phase II was ready. The annexation/forming of Novorussia had been in plans before but due to the political situation rapidly changing Putin had to put it into action when they still didn't have enough support in regions other than Donetsk and Luhansk. I personally believe that all this was supposed to take place after the reforms of the Russian army, at least concerning the land forces, were ready. Had they been succesful, IE without Maidan, we might be looking at a truly divided
  11. Yes, give me a combat mission game where I have to dodge pesky anomalies, flank bandits and fall back when facing an entrenched controller! Then again, we remember how well faction wars worked in Clear Sky From the things we will most probably see I'd like to have the brits, especially Paras, in the game first. I just like myself some light infantry.
  12. I would love to see the conflict escalating into the Baltian States and Finland. Mosty because I'm Finnish and I want to see how my wartime Infantry company would actually perform against a russian mechanized force in the forest terrain
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