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  1. yeah, it's really minor and I'm already very happy with combat missions high fidelity as is. Nice sources btw
  2. As an additional explanation for the appearence of the boxes, I think they were introduced because of a redesign of the backside interior that came with the 1a5 model. So some of the equipment had to be stored outside. good point. it also makes me wonder about the standard rarity rating given in the unit selection screen.
  3. Hello everyone, since the Marder IFV had it's 50th anniversary last week I wanted to point out some minor visual details regarding the differences between the 1a3 and 1a5 model. Currently both models look similar in game. Code-wise the 1a5 has its improved mine protection working though. So if you take a closer look at the attached images the 1a5 model should have: new armored skirts three metal boxes, one on the front and two on the backside new MLC, 42 instead of 37 kind regards picture sources: http://www.primeportal.net/apc/hans-hermann_buhling/marder_1a_5/index.php?Page=1 http://www.d13pfad.de/media/medialibrary/2012/05/schutzenpanzer_marder_1_a5_thumb_1500x1500.jpg
  4. In the barracks I shared my space with someone who had the ATB Milansch├╝tze and I remember talking with him about his course. And what he told me about firing the Milan was that after firing it does take a few seconds until the rocket is center lined and you had to avoid obstacles like fires or trees. I suppose it's initial speed is slower than the average but it would still travel over hundred meters in 2-3 seconds. Could you still fight a closer target? I don't know. Unfortunatly I didn't ask him about minimum range. Other than that I only looked through it's thermal sight so I'm of no help here.
  5. Exactly. The MG 3 was never meant to be scrapped, it's now getting replaced by the MG 5. When the MG 4 was first issued it was meant to be an addition on a squad level basis. The 7,62mm caliber MG 3 should be kept due to the better piercing capability and rate of fire. Back in the days there were the so called STAN lists where every weapon and soldier assignment of a unit was listed but weapons nor equipment can be supplied in an instant. So in some circumstances it takes years until a unit gets the equipment that's listed on paper. So sometimes it's a bit of a mess, especially if your battalion is stationed in Germany because new equipment gets prioritized downrange. But I'm okay with it if everything in game is how it was on the list back in 2008.
  6. That's a little incorrect. I served until 2006 in a PzGrenBtl and from then on in a JgRgt and the Panzergrenadiers are as much infantry as you can get I can assure you that. We were wearing the green color everywhere (Litzen, Barett) just like the J├Ągers too and were trained similar to them with the addition to fight combined arms around the marders. And the Grenadiers are also using the MG4 of course. Just as an example: kind regards Beetz
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