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  1. What is the reason why replay of the whole battle is not there? Any idea?
  2. Sure I know that already. But I did not know how much is needed for superiority. After my tests I have even some idea. You just dont get that idea very fast by just playing. But you guys can do whatever you think is best. I know how I have learned most of this game. EDIT. When you just play QB:s there are so many variables that you dont get good idea why the result happened. I use tests to eliminate those variables.
  3. It dont have to be same situation in QB for these test to be useful. And please tell me what is the best way to learn this game if you know it. I have learned much more by doing these tests than just playing.
  4. Actually I was thinking what is needed in QB to handle M1A2:s. Pretty hard to play if you do not have some kind of answer to that. Im pretty sure that my opponents dont give me a chance to flank M1A2:s with my own tanks. Best I have found so far is smoke screen and Khrizantema. Have not tested air attacks yet. And at least I have learned much doing these "tests". Good for you that you already know these things.
  5. I think open ground spotting/ dueling ability represent best comparison between vehicles. Maybe Im wrong. Do you think there is some special case that somehow moves the scale in great way? I can test that also. Like if I put all the tanks in light forest T-90:s somehow start to win duels. Or do you think that if I put them all in hunt mode coming to LOS it somehow changes the result?
  6. Interesting that those results irritate someone so much. I just posted what happened.
  7. I made some tests again. Open ground 2100m facing eachother. (regular,0 crews) Khrizantema vs. M1 spotting first 6-4 for M1 winning duel 9-1 for M1 then I added BMP - 3M (sthora) about 70m in front of Khriz duels go 7-3 for Khriz & BMP. I also found that when M1 was immobilezed and crew jumps out Khriz stopped firing M1. After couple of minutes I run crew back into the M1 and only then Khriz finished the job and destroyed M1.
  8. Theres that map. EDIT: It seems that it is not there I get error you arent permitted to upload this kind of file.
  9. crew is regular, normal, 0. Good weather. Dont know how to post that map. Also made it that close range, because what I have read it gets even worse for T-90:s when distance grows. Realistic was a bad word, maybe I should ask is that result how you guess it should go?
  10. I tested a duel between 1x M1 vs. 2x T-90 result 13-7 for M1 open ground Tanks facing each others 275m distance, 50m between T-90:s M1 wins 6-4 Tanks facing each others 250m distance, 175m between T-90:s. M1 wins 7-3 Most of the time it goes like M1 spots first kills one T-90, someone release smoke, when smoke clears M1 spots again first and kills another T-90 Is this realistic?
  11. Turned them facing each other (elite, hotseat) M2 spotted first every time seconds it take M2 to spot BMP 11, 4, 10, 2, 5, 23, 4 BMP had ?spot 3 times after it was fired before getting destroyed. EDIT started game again to get 10 results 3 runs M2 spot first once (6s) BMP spots 2 times first 3 & 14 , M2 release smoke and proceeds to destroy BMP. Both times BMP gets even another spot when M2 drives out of smoke cloud. In all of these 10 times BMP never fired a shot.
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