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  1. Considering the diversion from historical wars CMSF and now CMBS represented, i was hoping more for a cold war gone hot CM. I really want to defend west germany from the massed hordes of the GSFG and friends. and converseley bring enlightenment to the capitalist west leading 3rd shock army from the IGB to the Rhine.
  2. Wego on max difficulty. If i play realtime i get sucked into small scale actions to the detriment of everyone else. WEGO helps me remember to move all my assets and pay attention to whats happening to those other guys on the battlefield.
  3. my problem has allways been micro management. When i play realtime, i get sucked into the action at low level and i loose track of the larger battle. Usually means i suffer horribly where i'm not focused, and\or run my focused-on troops way ahead of support. End of the story is allways horrible. So i prefer WEGO as it forces and allows me to disengage from whats going on in detail, and focus on the entire battle. I love micro management, give me a game on the scale of Gary Grigsby's War in The East with management down to the individual soldier and tank, and i'd be loving it. But i wouldn't win much.
  4. its been too long. In my desperation i bought DCS Mig 21 and i now suffer from 1. "To-many-buttons-itis" and 2. CMBS will never have enough buttons.
  5. Now i'm hoping for a surprice monday release.
  6. i've not been in a real tank, but i have played a fair bit of Steel Beasts. Having spent quite some time playing in the M1A1 model, and then going to the M1A2 SEP when they started modeling that, was pretty amazing. The commanders independent TIS changes it to a whole new level. put an A1 in this environment, where the commander only has the GPS extension or putting his head out and using binos, i'd say the T90 could have the spotting edge. As it is, first shot will rule the day. Any SF vets, or people basing their ideas of the Abrams off of Desert Storm\OIF will get a rude awakening. But when it comes to the real life, aren't the thermals etc. now at such a level that there is effectively no diffrence, because there is really no where to go improvement-wise from where we're at now?
  7. Concidering the speed at which pixelsteel and pixeltruppen become pixelscrap and pixelcorpses in this game, do we even need 60-90 minute battles? Watching ChrisND playing the first campaign missions, he usually seems to get a cease fire out of the AI well inside of 30-45 minutes. The lethality of modern stuff is truly incredible. And seeing as i usually fare poorly even against the WW2 stuff, I'm going to kill alot of my own pTruppen trying to master this.
  8. If its only down to locating stray unskinned models etc., we can do that a lot quicker once we all get a copy and start playing with it Also, its 01:29 GMT+1 so, is it done today?
  9. For getting it, rations. Whe it comes to eating, I'd imagine just like you and me. Getting rid of the, to put it delicately, waste product is a less enticing problem though.
  10. Well you never know, if we dont remind them they might forget. Or I'm like the kid in the backseat going "are we neaely there yet". Wouldnt be a family drive without would it.
  11. Just read about the battle of Wanat/COP kahler. Basically the troops got into a massive and closerange firefight, resulting in a profligate expenditure of ammunition to the point where everything failed. M4, 249, 240, mk19 were all jamming, either constantly or permanently. The only thing reliably firing throughout that battle were the brownings. Probably the greatest testament to the genius of JMB and the M2s continued usefullness as a tripod mounted HMG.
  12. well, if we loosly interpret mid-january as the time between 1. and 31. January, we're there allready.
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