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  1. I own the original shock force with all modules except the British. If I purchase the upgrade pack for all modules will I get the british module as well? Or do I need to purchase that separately?
  2. How is CMFBs performance compared to the other games? Or will it run the same as like CMBS? Thanks
  3. So I have gotten back into shock force lately and I have been wanting to try out different uniform mods for the marines. I have a z folder within the data folder where I put all the new mods for uniforms. I installed an older uniform mod for the marines a little while back and it keeps on using that uniform mod. I have deleted that file from the z folder and that has done nothing. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled the game and the old uniform mod is still there. I then removed the z folder and the uniform mod was still there. I then noticed after I unistalled shock force again that even w
  4. I'd love to see the PTO as well. I find this side of the conflict most interesting. If only if only Battlefront.
  5. So I just recently purchased CMFI last night. Downloading took over 3 hours for the base game, the patch, and the 3.0 upgrade. 3 hours for a file less than 2 gigs is a complete joke. Tried to run the files and it turns out that some of the files were corrupted. So now I will have to redownload the base game again. Looking to be another 3 hours. This is nonsense. I have downloaded 10 gig games in well under 3 hours. Is there some magic thing that I can do to fix this. I dont understand how anything could be so slow.
  6. Yes I've tried messing with the settings and it still doesn't seem to have any affect. Do we know if the devs have any plans to fix this? Or is this something I'll just have to deal with
  7. I have huge drops in fps whenever a map has lots of buildings. I can't play the second mission in the American campaign because it gets so low. Any other missions I play with no buildings I get perfectly fine fps. This also seems to be a trend for me in Battle for Normandy as well. I have a AMD card which seems to be the problem it looks like. I was just wondering if there were plans for addressing this issue anytime soon.
  8. Ya anytime I go to a map with lots of buildings I get a huge fps drop.
  9. I finally hit 100 kb/s! Dreams do come true. Still super pumped for this game though
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