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    Nerdwing reacted to L0ckAndL0ad in Armata soon to be in service.   
    Yeah, high flying 40mm HEDP grenades might turn ugly for that 18mm flat front.
    Anyways, next stop - September 17th, with the same show, but this time about Armata series. Maybe they'll throw in some info during RAE-2015 (Sep 9-12), but I doubt it.
    Oh, well, apparently, they've started teasing Armata episode. No actual teaser vids posted that I can see, but someone took that shot with Zvezda's logo, so it must have come from the stream:

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    Nerdwing reacted to L0ckAndL0ad in Armata soon to be in service.   
    First, there's a ticket on BFC's bug tracker, submitted by Dima, quite some time ago, with pics and details.
    Second, this: http://btvt.narod.ru/raznoe/vbtt_1991_bmp31.htm
    There are at least 3 alloys used in BMP-3's armor: BT-70Sh (БТ-70Ш, steel), ABT-102 (АБТ-102, aluminum), AMG-6 (АМГ-6, also aluminum). The best one is ABT-102. 43mm of ABT-102 = 21mm of BT-70Sh, but with 25% weight advantage in favor of ABT-102. Said 43mm and 21mm respectively defeat 30mm AP-T (for 2A42) at 300 meters, at 68 degrees. Aluminum alloy is better than steel at more than 45 degrees deflection.
    I'll translate the relevant part:
    1 - upper front hull, 18mm ABT-102 (almost flat)
    2 - side front hull, 60mm ABT-102
    3 - turret front, 16mm BT-70Sh + 70mm air gap + 50mm ABT-102
    5, 9 - turret and hull sides - 43mm ABT-102
    12 - lower front hull, 10mm BT-70Sh + 70mm air gap + 60mm ABT-102
    13 - middle front hull, 10mm BT-70Sh + 70mm air gap + 12mm BT-70Sh + 60mm ABT-102

    In most sources it is stated that BMP-3 is protected against 30mm AP-T at 200 meters, on the front. Note that it's 90's Soviet ammo, which isn't as good as modern stuff.
    Also, there's a self-sealing fuel tank in the front, which is intended as last ditch stopping measure (# 31):

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    Nerdwing reacted to Imperial Grunt in Task Force Spartan Resolve   
    Gents, the campaign is finally completed.

    Join the paratroopers of "Attack" Company, 1-503rd Airborne, as they rush to stem the tide of the Russian advance in central Ukraine!

    There are two files associated with the campaign. There is a "Mod Pack" which consists of a compilation of my favorite mods as well as some additional mods specifically for the campaign. The second file is the .cam file for the campaign.

    Many people contributed to the creation of this campaign, without your help I could not have completed this project. I thank you all.

    Until I can get it on the Repository, the campaign can be downloaded from here:

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    Nerdwing got a reaction from sburke in Armata soon to be in service.   
    Survival of the fittest.  Only the best journalists survive in Russia.
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    Nerdwing got a reaction from Aurelius in Armata soon to be in service.   
    Survival of the fittest.  Only the best journalists survive in Russia.
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    Nerdwing reacted to Lethaface in Unofficial Screenshots & Videos Thread   
    Hehe those early versions of poking the bear were a bit harder ;-)
    My experience is similar though, AA is unpredictable and imo that's about right. 
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    Nerdwing reacted to womble in Unofficial Screenshots & Videos Thread   
    Look at it this way: your F-16 pilot recognised his threat detector warning, but decided it was worth the risk, for the level of threat (a single SAM launcher, assuming he was out of range of the Tunguska's cannon), to continue his mission. Then he found out he wasn't the hotshot pilot he thought he was, and that Russian AAA is actually pretty hard to dodge, or he got target fixated and pushed it that second or two too far before breaking off. If six fire control systems light you up all at once, you know you're going down if you carry on your bombing run, so you save yourself and your air frame. It's an example of where overkill really is overkill. Maybe if you'd only had three systems lighting him up, the fighter would have pressed the attack, but you'd have got him. It wouldn't surprise me if there was a saturation level of air defense where any more is wasted, because the deterrent value of what you're already fielding is "enough" to turn away what's inbound.
    Look at it from a mechanical point of view, too. It makes sense for the "abort" decision to be evaluated at lockon time, as well as when the missiles are launched and their actual effect is determined.
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    Nerdwing reacted to Stagler in Unofficial Screenshots & Videos Thread   
    Yeah the superiority of the French and the way deck system complemented any of their builds really hacked me off in Red Dragon, it was bad in ALB, but RD really took the effing biscuit.
    Still it was a good game though, got hella playtime out of the series. It had much better MP functionality and capability than CM ever will.
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    Nerdwing reacted to panzersaurkrautwerfer in M1 Abrams currently with not APS?   
    The imager is the important part, and the component that'll impact visual quality, acquisition range, and resolution while moving.  It'll be interesting to see what the Armata has if it ever comes to be a common tank, but given the state of Russian electronics there's reason to doubt it compares to the current generation elsewhere. 
    But yeah.  I was on what is the current generation of M1A2 SEP v2s.  The main difference between them and the in-game ones is the ERA is a theater-equipped kit vs standard issue (basically the one part of TUSK that the M1A2 SEP didn't pick up), the data-link for rounds isn't a installed system, and the ammunition family is still the M829A3/MPAT/Cannister/ORD family vs the M829A4/AMP mix.
      Re: Nerdwing
    Dunno.  I'm off active duty now and in the National Guard, so even if I wasn't a staff toolbag now I'd be on an M1A1SA.  If I had to conjecture it'd be better integration of the ERA racks, some sort of upgraded boat-hull armor upgrade and possibly might be someone figured out a new layer for the armor array or something (every now and then they'll crack the turrets/hulls and insert "something" that I have no idea what it's made of.   
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    Nerdwing reacted to VladimirTarasov in M1 Abrams currently with not APS?   
    That sounds interesting, Would love to hear about your service in the tank forces, I am a tank nut myself and addicted to learning about tanks I was a ground troop at most, Although I have driven the BMD-2 and BTR-80 before. And yes, The imager is the most important for target identification and engagement, It boggles my mind how Russia just started mass introduction of thermals onto tanks in 2005, While the U.S. has been doing it since the 80s... But the tanks we had were for European standards, Mostly 1500 meter engagement ranges. At night operations the U.S. tanks clearly had advantages back then and still do in overall quantity and for now quality. 
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    Nerdwing reacted to BTR in Krasnopol 152mm precision round vs M2 Bradley top armour   
    When a 45kg round smashes 25mm armor with ~12000J at almost verticaly, I'd think you don't even need to consider how effective the tip is. That's all discounting exсluding a 9kg explosive as well. 
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    Nerdwing reacted to Stagler in Is it just me?   
    Arma 3
    Arma 2 Cold War Rearmed - which I recommend you check out if you missed operation flash point/Arma: Cold War assault
    DCS Su25T, Su-27, Combined Arms
    Combat Mission Games
    All these games give me that tingly feeling inside.
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    Nerdwing reacted to John Kettler in Good article on training Ukraine National Guard by US 173rd Airborne   
    I especially liked the bit about the American trainer who was upset about the UNG soldier who insisted on firing his RPG left-handed. Can't argue with the results!
    John Kettler
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    Nerdwing reacted to Cpl Steiner in Where is the revolution?   
    I think the scenario victory conditions might be a bit - unbalanced.
    US Army:
    - Exit at least 30% of force off map for 100 pts
    - Destroy Martian force (impossible)
    Martian Army:
    -  Destroy US force for 100 pts
    -  Don't catch a cold!
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    Nerdwing reacted to Kieme(ITA) in Is it me?   
    I have the sensation that all T-64/72/90 hulls come from the original T-72s from Shock Force.
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    Nerdwing reacted to Stagler in Help with russians   
    Bring drones mate, its working well against you
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    Nerdwing reacted to panzersaurkrautwerfer in What is your best lesson learned from CMBS experience?   
    When in COIN, worry about collateral damage.
    When at war, worry about ending the mission with artillery rounds unfired.  
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    Nerdwing reacted to Stagler in Help with russians   
    QB is the longevity of the game. The scenarios can be balanced by the designer there is no points constraints, but QB you are lumped with what the game gives you.
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    Nerdwing reacted to John Kettler in Our own Jim Warford interviewed about Soviet/Russian tanks   
    Additional digging shows G. Biryukov was a General Major (1 Star, what we'd call a Brigadier General) and G. Melnikov a Colonel and Candidate in Military Science, which is equivalent to a western Ph.D. Also, "Antitank Warfare" was apparently published directly in English, as well as the usual Russian, by Progress Publishers, Moscow. 
    John Kettler
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    Nerdwing reacted to John Kettler in Our own Jim Warford interviewed about Soviet/Russian tanks   
    Jim Warford, as some of you may know, is the author of a bunch of articles in ARMOR magazine on the above topic. He is a BTDT type (TCed everything from M60A1 (passive RISE) through 105 mm gunned M1 Abrams) who is also a deep student of Soviet/Russian tanks. This interview with him is quite revealing and also serves to reinforce the same point I've long been hammering away at: the gross inadequacy of the 105 mm gun vs the OPFOR tanks of the period before M1s with 120 mm guns arrived on the scene. The notional CM Fulda Gap, which many would love to see, were it done correctly, would be a very tough fight against the OPFOR of the period, an OPFOR which had better gun power on one end and better protection on the other--in addition to numerical superiority! 
    What he has to say about the intel available to him as a tanker is downright scary. I first came across his work in ARMOR in a seminal piece he wrote on the Soviet Premium Tank, page 23 et seq., which evidently was based on the research which went into his Master's thesis: The Threat of the Soviet Premium Tank. Not everyone agrees with his concept, as seen here in a very hot and heavy exchange between Jim Warford and an anonymous poster, BlacktailFA. That is but one of several blasts aimed his way on that same page.  I read pieces of some of them, and while they're strident in the extreme, there do seem to be some good points raised--while simultaneously revealing truly dazzling levels of subject ignorance. In claiming there was no evidence the Russians were worried about NATO ATGMs, BlacktailFA clearly shows he has never heard  of Candidate of Military Science Col. A. Tonkikh's "Overcoming Antitank Defense," published in 1968, which I had in UNCLASSIFIED machine translated form circa 1980, or the monograph "Antitank Defense," by Biryukov and Menikov, published in 1972 (example shown was university republished in 2002), and for which I had a full-blown English translation in 1984, and that was who nows how old, since it was something I inherited from a deceased colleague. Both unmistakably show the Russians were aware of the ATGM threat, with examples of western ATGMs going back as far as the SS-10.
    John Kettler
    The referenced Jim Warford interview has a most interesting sidebar containing several interviews with another CMer: Harry Yeide. He is a self-confessed CM addict!
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    Nerdwing reacted to Mr_Centipede in No summer of flash sales?   
    I just caved in and bought CMBS.... and now $55 poorer... but no matter, I got all the sustenance I need. Now lets plink some pixies truppen
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    Nerdwing reacted to sburke in Can I load the game on on two PCs in my home....   
    Make sure your son understands that house rules means your house, your rules.
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    Nerdwing reacted to Stagler in Seasonal Sale?   
    Ha be careful about mentioning a certain software distribution company here friend, lest the scabrous backward has-beens come down on you like a ton of bricks.
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    Nerdwing reacted to exsonic01 in Seasonal Sale?   
    CC:GC (Close Combat: Gateway to Caen) was under sale recently, costed only 10$ for a week in the humblebundle. It is over now. (I never mean like 'CMBS should follow' or something like that) I really wish a discount event of CMBS or summer sale or anything like that, but that policy purely depends on BFC's thinking, and I respect their decision.
    Some of my friends are really really waiting for sales of CMBS. They are serious RTS fans but they are all college students or graduate students, and 55$ is not a cheap price for us. I really want to play this fantastic game with those dudes, but for now, they are just watching my play. Sad
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    Nerdwing reacted to ASL Veteran in Seasonal Sale?   
    I can't recall Battlefront ever doing a sale on any of their titles so sales are not something they typically do. 
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