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  1. I recommend you to read "Men Against Fire: The Problem of Battlefield Command" from S.L.A. Marshall. It is very interesting to read to better know reactions of soliders to contact with the enemy and being under fire. It has some real description of battles and encounters and what soldiers did that will challenge your logic.
  2. Professional pilots make mistakes and not-the-right-thing when under heavy stress or panic situations (many time killing themselves and passengers as result). These things that seem plainly stupid when quietly sit down at home. I will not go in cognitive models, but the same happens in battle situations. Training tries to overcome some of this reactions, but it is not perfect. I don't know whether this is something modelled or the TAC AI could not cope with it, but this specific situation would not be unusual in real life.
  3. Yep, that's the kind of things I ask when I have a break at work. The battle it is too stressing to stop and consider that Thanks!
  4. Thank you, Bil. I know more or less that. What creates confusion to me is all those icons that stay despite of having passed through that place with my troops, therefore adding to the visual noise. Is it that Comm has not spread out to all units?
  5. I never ever reload. I can abandon if I feel it is all lost, but I go with whatever happens during the game, as I would have to in real life. Dealing with uncertainty, overcoming blows, changing the plan as you go, etc. is what makes tactics so exciting and this game so great. For example, it does not makes sense to me reloading if you have been ambush. Just deal with it.
  6. This problably not the thread, but I can not resist to ask: what is the difference between FOG (possible contact, something there) and those residual icons almost transparent overcrowding our screens? P.D.: by the way, excellent mod. The one I am using since it was published. I love it
  7. In most of other game forums, you have legions of people claiming about quality, playability or other things upon game release. It is not the case of CMBS which says a lot about the work done by Battlefront. I have played most of it and this is the best one.
  8. In the middle of a battle you usually end up with tons of previously detected icons of enemy units which never disappear, even when your troops have explored or passed through that area. This adds a lot of unnecesary noise to the battle picture. Is there any particular reason why they stay there? Any way to remove them? Or am I interpreting something wrongly?
  9. US tried it in the Irak war and it was a failure. Helos are not a good weapon non supported assault. They are usually too exposed and weak against light AA fire.
  10. It could be as mine appear after mods instalation, never before.
  11. I have had that problem too, only opening a specific scenario (into the Breach) and only two buildings. It has not shown up again in any other scenario.
  12. Can someone explain in some detail how iron level works. It looks like more "informative" than actually adding a layer of difficulty in the game system beyond interface.
  13. I am up for PBEM, any side, any size but the largest ones.
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