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  1. Just got my PC updated. i7-4790K, 16Gt ram and AMD Radeon R9 290 4Gt. Kieme´s mods dlfest, here I come!
  2. Close/hand to hand combat would be great. Also, sound distortion regarding to the distance would be totally awesome. I mean, for example, when you looking battle from high up, gun sounds play delayed. Anyone know the sound effect red orchestra uses? Rifle/explosion etc sounds became muffled as in real world. BLAM sounds as pop etc.
  3. For future CM titles, I hope BF makes good amount of company(+) size battles because those are what I and believe, many others play the most. I know that there are much of those in normandy, but do not intend to buy that game any time soon. I have bought it twice (pc & mac) with my old account and can´t remember passwords etc so thats it. Also, I want to nag again about fewness of quick battle maps. What I feel, CMRT is least popular in CMx2 family. That is not the devs fault. What I understand, biggest market for CM is in states. As Finn, I am interested playing with anyone (maybe not with italians, no offence) but the best jewel I could see as expansion, there would be Finnish SS.
  4. I dont mind about the timeline in CMRT, there is enough stuff (tanks, inf, guns, arty,planes) for my liking. Also it is nice to play as -44 soviets because they indeed are not like -41 soviets. Not running in wrong direction all the time... What I miss from CMBB is auto-generated quick battles, I think there is engine limitations in CMx2 to have it applied. Also, I play mostly QB maps against my friend, and we have to face it, that there is not many of them.
  5. AT grenades are not listed in unit gear panel? I had ordinary russian rifle squad and sniper attacking the Tiger and after the hassle, my sniper had it out with ordinary grenade, I assume.
  6. CM modders are one backbone of the this game series. Cheers and Ave!
  7. So, flame patch will come out for CM2 games in future? Also, I am interested about CM3 game, can anyone inform what is the progress of it? I know there is not anything exact, but- like in a year or two?
  8. Ok, thank you for the info. Maybe I just leave this unseen.
  9. Nice one, Jorge. In my opinion, the tank engine sounds were little too light/thin. Great video altough.
  10. I am using Waclaws majestetic HQS sound mod. I have modded it a little (more death screams and explosions, tweaked bullet zips) but 98% of the sounds are Waclaws. Highly revommended. It is nice that you enjoyed the video. I plan to make more, and get better with making them. Actually, I make new one today.
  11. Nice, thanks. Hope that battlefront would add SS to the game.
  12. Thank you for the laughs. Do you mean this old battle of the bulge film?
  13. Hi, Made map and battle around it. I am not sure about battle balance, but it should be somewhat ok. There is no briefing, but the goal is simple; Destroy enemy resistance. You will get some reinforcements. Good luck, and feedback would be welcome! File link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w1lm6d9gncaoaek/Rough%20land.btt?dl=0
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