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  1. I remember reading somewhere it was by design... something you cant illustrate every pixies on every window, so they abstract it, so that the pixies can shoot through openings, and doors considered an opening. Maybe it was out of context... but I remember reading somewhere about this phenomenon
  2. Hi, I just played a PBEM in night time, I just noticed I cant area fire further than the visual range... is it meant to be like that? I hope I can area fire those suspected enemy location even if I haven't seen them.... Because the opponent have NVG and I don't... so when the enemy open fire, we could at least see their muzzle flash right? So we should probably can target them/area fire them right?
  3. Is there any other download link? The one from first post seems broken
  4. I see... coming from another forum, I thought it was common for modders to update their first post to link their latest download link... Well, hope battlefront can do something about it....
  5. Thanks for your hard work Kieme. Really love your mod. Can you compile all the download on the first post, so that everything is in one place? I think first post is the best place to list all the downloads available. Thanks again for your hard work. Now off me go to plink some more pixies
  6. I just caved in and bought CMBS.... and now $55 poorer... but no matter, I got all the sustenance I need. Now lets plink some pixies truppen
  7. It also usually does the job for me also. But now the problem still persists
  8. I had the same problem also. Any reason why?
  9. Speaking of modules, does battlefront usually do discount sales? I know the current price for CMSF modules are already discounted, but I'm kinda tight at the moment. plus CMBS might be coming out next year... so I'm thinking of saving for CMBS instead
  10. I think this can be useful, especially after bombard a building/place with enemy in the area, and wish to direct another bombardment on the last position, for various reasons. for example, new target arise or ineffective or whatever... can it be done?
  11. Hi, is there a tutorial on designing map/scenario available somewhere? Sorry I'm new
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