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  1. That's gonna be a Yikes from me friendo.

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    2. Rinaldi


      Definition of yikes in English:





      • Expressing shock and alarm, often for humorous effect.

        ‘I had a dip in the 40 degree pool (yikes!)’
        More example sentences
        • ‘After that we went to Arrow Bar (that makes 3 times in 5 days… yikes!).’
        • ‘What I hoped would take 40 minutes to fix took more like 5 hours - yikes!’
        • ‘yikes man!’
        • ‘It is expected to hit us at 3pm on Friday… yikes!’
        • ‘Bye bye golf, hello Pilates… yikes!’
        • ‘She'd been in hospital for 8 hours on Monday night coz her side pains had gotten so bad that she could barely move. yikes!’
        • ‘I've spent ages typing this short blog and talking on msn, yikes!’
        • ‘My favourite words include yikes, splat, glub, eek and aargh!’
        • ‘But the Government did not get even that bit right, because it forgot about England - yikes!’
        • ‘Yikes, your father sounds pretty scary himself.’
        • ‘Our boys finally get to interact for the first time… yikes!’
        • ‘Now might be a good moment to start panicking about Blackpool * yikes *.’
        • ‘The team tried a demonstration just before the show - yikes!’
    3. Rinaldi


      Hello @sid_burn you are very big man and your views on the Deep State are very interesting and I wish to provide you with my girlfriend's phone number. Please call it ASAP so you may teach us to dab on the Deep State and also provide sexual pleasure to my girlfriend which I am incapable of providing.

      Warm Regards and wet kisses,


    4. sid_burn


      You made a good choice coming to me.

      I have quite a few strategies for defeating the deep state.

      Kettler and a few other agents should be contacted.

      Each one of you has to be extremely careful to prevent discovery

      Soon the deep state will be discovered friendo.

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