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  1. If you need testing I can help! I love the work you all have put in so far and would be happy to help
  2. If it helps I am running this off a mac, I can pull scenarios just fine off the web and run them on my game so it ought to be the same going the other way?
  3. I have had a scenario for like a year now. When I originally tried to post it folks were struggling to upload it from the CMRT online web sight. Its a btt. file and I have tried to make a zip out of it as well but no luck folks still cant get it to run? Any suggestions for getting it out there, its a good scenario?
  4. I would have to agree with the fact that they seem to mostly be eye candy, I have even found that pixel troops tend to prioritize shell holes for cover over foxholes and sandbags.
  5. Just a bit extra for you when it comes to mines, they suck ! Engineers mark mines well and all, but I have found that even when moving slowly mines can still very deadly to vehicles (especially ones with overlapping areas). The best way to deal with them is to avoid them entirely (often times this is possible), or bombard them with high caliber artillery to entirely remove them, at this point the mine signs will change to a green color and I have never taken any casualties from these. An example of these green type is below.
  6. Thank's figured I would jump right in, this one caught my eye.
  7. The article matches some of what I have read on the topic, and its a well known fact that battles are often won before they start as far as logistics go. Other than that, the Russian's strategic superiority on such a massive front did allow them to gain the enormously lopsided ratios on the tactical level when on the attack. (Which is why some of the German vets describe this in their post war memoirs). This combined with the Red Army's propensity to literally obliterate sections of the Wehrmacht's front line with artillery before an assault certainly make it a steam roller.
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