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  1. Thats what I thought. I am also fairly sure that my opponent wouldn't have a mod as he does not like messing with the files. However, the hits as shown are all bright and shiny whereas, most hits that I can find in the game I am currently playing are black. If it is round, I guess, it's a penetration and if it's sort of spread it's a bounce. I have two types of appearances available in the Quick battle forces selector, they are 'Standard and Mixed cammo''. Is 'Mixed cammo'' a 'comes with the game' appearance, or have I acquired it with a downloaded scenario. I have CMBN Big bundle
  2. As far as I know I have no decal mods and can usually see penetrations. If my PBEM enemy has such a mod and I haven't, would I see it? Having had a close look I have to say I cannot see penetrations on any of the vehicles in that battle, in the latest fight, against the same enemy, I can see all the penetrations. So maybe you are right Bulletpoint.
  3. lots of hits apparently with mantlet and front hull penetrations, although I can only see bounces!? She is reduced to being a tractor with no weapons systems left working.
  4. An abundance of information, a very interesting site, cheers.
  5. Well there we are then. It seems that my panzer IV's do have to fear M8's after all. A great article. Thanks.
  6. I must correct my previous statement that I had lost 6 tanks, 1 was still crewed merely having had all its weapon systems knocked out following the penetration of the gun mantlet. In the end Combat Mission cannot be 100% accurate so we must accept that war is full of surprises and go on to fight another day having learnt a valuable lesson, Always bring along the Tigers!
  7. yep, the canister rounds are terrible to be on the receiving end of. I just did not expect a knock out blow through the mantlet at 460+mtrs. Sure enough, the MkIV is not the 'toughest nuts' but none the less! I have lost 6 MkIV's, 2 at less than 100mtrs ( I can go along with that ) 2 have been dismounted ( again I can go along with that after repeated hits and lots of spalling armour) and two at over 400 mtrs 1 through the mantlet and 1 through the turret front. There have been lots of penetrations at 400 mtrs+
  8. I am currently half way through a PBEM CMBN quick battle with a friend, I am the Germans and he is the Americans, and we are both shock at the ability of the U.S. 37mm AT guns in the Stuart Tanks to knock out MkIV's at ranges over 400 mtrs. Indeed there ability to penetrate the gun mantlet at these ranges. I could understand the 37mm's being affective against side armour or at very close range but against frontal armour at 400+ mtrs?! It also seems strange given that in a previous battle my German 50mm paks rounds bounced of early model Shermans at less than 200mtrs. Ok I didn't expect t
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