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  1. Hey guys, i bought several CM-Games over time, some of them way back in 2013, which appear in my account, and two on the 11th and 15th january this year. But the last two ones are missing (CMBN and CMRT). I had problems with paypal in january. To be precise, i couldnt put money on my paypal account, which led to outstanding payment. However, in the end, i payed for both games. But they are missing now on my account. Is there a way to add them to my profile?
  2. I guess no answer means that there is no other way. Thanks anymways
  3. Hello, im actually looking forward to buy the 3.0 Upgrade for Fortress Italy, but im not able to pay with the methods offered (credit card/paypal). I dont use paypal anymore because ive got problems with it in the past and owning a credit card is very unusual in my country. Is there any other way to pay for it?
  4. Ahoi, i hope its no problem to post in this Thread. i dont find any FAQ for my little question. Maybe i miss something when reading manual, but is it possible to give an order to the troops not to fire when spotting an enemy? And is it possible to show every movement of own troops even when they are not selected?
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