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  1. Glad that things are coming along... but it would be really great if we could have the base game and the British Forces add on first, I mean... who's really interested in a bunch of web foots?
  2. Nice video, thanks for the heads up... oh, and 'more please'!
  3. I have had conversations on Steam about CM and never had any come back. I own quite a few games on Steam and have never had a problem with them, or with the admins over any posts I have made. The only problem with Steam is the thousands of twats that seem to pervade the forums and F and blind about the slightest little thing... it's not rocket science!
  4. Seems a waste of time putting the demo out now, after all, the main game is being released before the end of Sept... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  5. Many thanks... all moved to the new drive, all is well
  6. Yes, just an extra drive to the system... so should be ok then
  7. As I have a new HD, is it possible to simply cut and paste my existing CM games from a now nearly full drive, to my shiny new one?
  8. Well, I consider myself to be an old fart... but at the expense of derailing the derailment... ven iss ze demo kummink out?
  9. I'd like to spare you lot's of things... unfortunately they would make you rather sick as well. Never mind, someone will empty your potty soon and it will be time for bed.
  10. Lots of gnashing of teeth and angst over nothing at all... Not sure of the age group of some of the posters, but surely, grown men can't get that het up over a computer game?... Not sure how they cope when real life problems that matter surface... still, it's a funny old world isn't it
  11. To be honest, my heart was ruling my head, I'm glad I saw your post... the big bundle is just too much for me. I'll just get a smaller package to start with
  12. Well, I was about to pre order but saw your post... checked my order details for download version only and it says the same, standard delivery charge is $28. I'll give it a miss until I find out what is going on... £93 it works out for that bundle. extra on top of that might just break my budget
  13. I hope not... I've been sitting here waiting like a cat on a hot tin roof for the end of the month!
  14. Ok, thanks mate... I own all the WWII stuff, but am wanting to branch out into SF
  15. Thanks for posting, but I don't own Shock Force or any module... from the picture shown it states they are all upgrade packages. I assume that doesn't apply to me as I don't own any of it to upgrade... Has anyone got any pricing info on the brand new game?
  16. I know it's probably been stated already, but can someone tell me the cost of Shock Force 2 (I do not own CMSF1)... many thanks Plus, how near to release are we?
  17. I don't own any of the CMSF modules, but I really like the look of this... does anyone know how much of all of that with the new version is going to cost?
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