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  1. No problems here, I have all the Combat mission WWII games As others have pointed out, like most games there are faults, but that doesn't mean the games are ruined. On the other hand, we have forums so that people can air their views and ask questions. If they do it in a constructive and fair way then there is absolutely no reason to get grief for it....
  2. Hmm, interesting stuff, but as others have stated, some doubtful opinions there.
  3. M1 Carbine weight = 5.8lbs with full magazine. Thompson submachine gun weight = 11.25lbs with 20 rnd box mag (WWII variant) Something to consider when you are lugging mortars around over long distances
  4. Screaming crewmen stuck inside when the vehicle brews up... Gruesome stuff!
  5. Agreed! I can remember when I was in the army in the early 80's and changed my role... they gave me an SMG instead of my trusty SLR... not good!
  6. Aris mods does lots of excellent stuff... Vehicles, weapons, uniforms, terrain, and weathered faces etc. Vein does some good uniforms... he has an on going pack of uniforms that he is working on at the moment that are pretty awesome.. see here...http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=115535
  7. lol... Hmm... hadn't thought of that one Infiltration missions in disguise eh?
  8. 'To right a great wrong'... lol! C'mon mate. Not picking up an smg is hardly game breaking or wrong. In reality, a rifle has more hitting power and is a man stopper. SMG's have lower powered rounds and are only useful in very close contact. As for driving around in a Kubel?... 'Posing' doesn't win battles
  9. Just watched it... there was something inevitable and funny just watching that Russian scout car (BA-64?) run slap bang into the sights of a Tiger!
  10. ''Can you see anything?'' ''No, and I'm not going to open this thing up and get shot at either''
  11. I'm having so much enjoyment with the CM series. After playing the FI demo a while back it prompted me to buy the WWII series of games and modules. Have to say I'm enjoying the FI/GL and CMBN/CW/MG games more than RT at the moment The games, when modded to hell with all bells and whistles is pretty outstanding. I like the fact it simply reminds me of all the tactical doctrine that was rammed into my head when I was a soldier, and which I in turn used to teach to others for many years... WWII has always been a favourite subject, and the attention to detail, the planning involved, especially
  12. Always allow your men to whinge and grumble. It's when they stop grumbling and moaning you've got trouble!
  13. Always enjoy following the action on these kind of reports
  14. 'All roads lead to Rome'... and those AT gunners don't want to be left out, hehehe... Sorry Luke
  15. Thanks for the reply! I just wanted to check that I had understood it correctly
  16. I have BN+CW and MG... I also have RT and FI. My mod folder, plus 'Z' folder location for RT and FI are in my 'My Documents' folder, under 'Battlefront/Combat Mission/Red Thunder/User Data/Mods/Z. However, the only advice I can find on modding BN is to create a 'Z' folder in my main game 'Data' folder. Is this still correct? Many thanks for any help
  17. BN+MG FI+GL RT I like them all, but having much more fun with BNMG. I'm not that into the Russian front but bought it all the same... I suppose I'll get more into it in time. I would however be more interested in it if they did a Barbarossa version
  18. As it's more of a 'workload' problem for the devs, rather than a tactical doctrine problem, I'm pretty sure we will get the ability to use tanks as our battlefield taxi as the updates continue As already stated by others, it should be the player who finds out the hard way, whether to use them as a mounted platform to fight from or not. We all know that modern armies have dedicated IFV's for that role.
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