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  1. I'll buy the pack as soon as I get back off holiday Oh, here you go.. good old Winston. Yes madam, I am in my cups, but in the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly. (Based on the Winston Churchill quote)
  2. "we need more pics from the veh pack" The reason I posted that remark is because I don't have the vehicle pack (yet) as I'm on holiday and I wanted a heads up on it's content... (probably not an unusual request in a screenshot thread) Oh, and thanks for the pic's from the guys that stepped up!
  3. 'North Africa would most likely be a separate product from Fortress Italy, not an expansion of it'. Another first day purchase for me if it comes to fruition
  4. I'd buy anything for this theatre on day one of it's release!
  5. I'll buy anything they put out in this theatre...
  6. I'd buy it in a shot!... rather that than more eastern front stuff!
  7. Brilliant mate! Loved the video... what an epic battle!
  8. I have all the WWII series of CM, but have to admit I enjoy playing FI-GL, and BN-MG etc much more than RT
  9. Yep, a bit of love wouldn't go amiss for the old girl!
  10. I can fully understand the Russians being mad... what country or government wouldn't be!
  11. I'll try these out myself, cheers!
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