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  1. After i started my cm.exe BS i pressed the butoon "saved games" but"i cant see the ema file of my opponent in my incoming folder. But if i open up the folder, i see the file.Whats wrong?
  2. After i started my cm.exe BS  i cant see the ema file of my opponent in my incoming folder. But if i open up the folder i see the file.Whats wrong?

  3. yesi open a ticket. The answer was:" maybe some mods are responsible for the crash. delte them"! I allready did. But same problem like before. Exspecially curious is, that that all my games crashed at turn 153
  4. Ok, it just happen to another game! Both different games stopped at turn#153. Are there some options in CM?
  5. After an new installation of CMBS the startscreen shows : The following data is missing please contact customer service. Black sea v200.brz I didnt found it. CMBS start normaly
  6. thats the loaded file. no "play" possible
  7. yes , we patched. But 10 turns before cm crashed constantly
  8. two players . we use the cm helper scenario "Hilfe die Amis kommen" turn110 geforce GTX 1070 Windows 10 64 bit directx12.0
  9. I played 20 turns with CMBN 4.0 and all went fine till today. After doing my turns i pressed the red button, it just turn to the desktop screen and no game is saved. i tried it 3 times So whats going on?
  10. Hello guys, i didnt Play cm a few month. I bought new Desktop with an good Video card Betriebssystem: Windows 10 Home, 64-bit DirectX-Version: 12.0 GPU-Prozessor: GeForce GTX 1070 Treiberversion: 390.77 Direct3D-API-Version: 12 Direct3D-Funktionsebene: 12_1 CUDA-Kerne: 1920 Kerntakt: 1506 MHz Speicher-Datenrate: 8008 MHz Speicherschnittstelle: 256-Bit Speicherbandbreite: 256.26 GB/s Gesamter verfügbarer Grafikspeicher: 16367 MB Dedizierter Videospeicher: 8192 MB GDDR5 System-Videospeicher: 0 MB Freigegebener Systemspeicher: 8175 MB Video-BIOS-Versio
  11. What i missed in the combat Mission game is, that an recon unit have the same ability to hide her position and that the recon solutions are the same like every another unit. The Special order, training cource and knowledges of an "Aufklärer" is to detect the position, structure, movement direction, and if possible the condition of an enemy unit. otherwise.
  12. i served in an Aufklärungsbatalloin. som exersise like "Bold Guard" in noth germany we also fight in frontline with our company of leopard tanks and as an taypical recon troop as well.
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