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  1. I just got the game and am in one match (thanks, Rafal!). Like to start another next week. Happy to play either side. I have the 1.05 version. I do PBEM. Contact me at belasarius@verizon.net I live on the East Coast of the USA (GMT-5) I can typically post one move per day, sometimes more
  2. I'm a total beginner at AoC, but I've played a lot of AoD lately, so I may not make quite so many rookie mistakes as might otherwise be expected. Happy to play the Axis side. E-mail me at belasarius@verizon.net or send me a PM through the Forum.
  3. :)I am in four good games of AoD at the moment (and just lost resoundingly to Isnogud!), but I am looking for another. Happy to play Axis or Allies. Prefer to play with standard options (including transoceanic loops). Anyone interested? Je parle francais aussi.
  4. Thanks Amadeus, Colonel Pasta, and Amona for doing battle. Still looking for one more PBEM opponent. I would prefer to play as the Axis, with standard game options, but I am flexible. I can post about one move per day. Any takers?
  5. New in town. Completely new to PBEM. Love AoD. I can play either side, but would prefer Allies my first time out. I work a lot so I can play one turn per day, max. Live on East Coast of US and will post my turns in the early morning EST. I'm a masochist, but within limits, so I may not always be willing to fight a losing war to the bitter end. Any takers?
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