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  1. @IanL Ah, that explains it. Thanks. The rogue rifleman seems to be behaving himself now.
  2. @womble, I might be wrong but I think 'Small City' is that rare thing, a totally flat CM map. On two occasions so far the Comment Commanders have lost vehicles to Shermans that were firing over adjacent high walls (Hetzer - turn 5 , halftrack - turn 11) . Happily, they got some revenge in turn 13 by turret-potting one of the 'Kilroys'. @Pete Wenman, Thanks.
  3. I was a little wary about using a Quick Battle for this piece, but it's actually proving rather exciting. Thirteen turns in the commenters are down to a Panzer IV (green), a Tiger (main gun out of action) and a three-man HQ team, but during the last couple of turns they've managed to hole at least two enemy AFVs without loss. The turn summaries start about halfway through the piece. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2016/04/15/the-flare-path-welcomes-combative-commenters/ One thing I'm struggling with is preventing the HQ from opening fire. Can anyone suggest a foolproof method f
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