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  1. Still alive, just working shifts. If I have the scenario it will be on the HD of an old (was dying) laptop. I'll dig out the charger and see if I can hunt the file out, presuming it still works.
  2. Understandable. I imagine they involve a large amount of time and creative energy. Burnout is a thing. Everyone who downloads your work appreciates what you do even if we don't express it vocally.
  3. According to the info posted by Steve earlier in the thread, Battlefront will still release CMCW in April. The Slitherine release, which includes Steam has been delayed to June, as Slitherine want to test their MP system. So if you buy it from Battlefront you get the game earlier and you can get to test out the Slitherine multiplayer service before it is officially released. As I understand it the game is otherwise finished for release (or very, very close to release).
  4. One thing to be aware of with Steam is updates. Sometimes updates can be unfriendly and break things. If you have an ongoing game that you would be upset about being broken by an update then back up your game folder with your current version of the game. Keep the old pre-update folder that works and run it in parallel with the current install in Steam. Start it from the game.exe in the parallel install folder and you are golden and all is right with the world. Pressing Play in the Steam launcher will give you the current version of the game or try and update the old version beforehand if you didn't rename the folder to something else to leave it untouched. Some games on Steam allow you to roll back updates (Paradox titles, like CK2, EUIV and HOI4 spring to mind), others don't, and you can be stuck with an update that you are non too fond of in some cases.
  5. Early 80s Cold war atmosphere... It would have to be something like this or in an even more bleak tone this or a bit more chilled out, this or for a more obscure left field flavour this Bliss, utter bliss
  6. I've not heard anything to the contrary. I've bought plenty of games from Matrix site, registered them and then claimed my Steam key and registered them to my Steam account. It usually costs a bit more, but it's worth it if in the distant future anything happens with Steam or your online connection goes pear shaped.
  7. If you buy the base game from BF, register it on Matrix site and claim your Steam key there, then any DLC you bought direct from Steam will work with the Steam version of the game, launched from within Steam. The BF version if you run it as a separate install will be unlikely to work with any Steam purchased DLC since BF installs of DLC require activation, and the Steam versions don't appear to use licence keys and activation.
  8. It'll be in a sub-directory of the steamapps\common folder in your Steam directory. In my case since All my Steam games are stored in a Steam folder on the root of my D : drive it's D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Combat Mission Black Sea\Data If you've installed it in the usual Steam default game location it may be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Combat Mission Black Sea\Data
  9. The Windows link given by Steve in this thread still appears to work https://battlefront.sharefile.com/share/view/s25afa9e71ca4e789/foae431f-161b-4bca-b2c7-ea5701e5ce94 is the download url.
  10. Can I hear the heavy sound of Steve banging his head against the desk from 3,000 miles away? I think it would take longer, and would need thoroughly testing to avoid the inevitable rage posts when things don't work as expected.
  11. How long are you willing to wait for a new engine, and how many years before it gets around to a hypothetical alt-history idea such as this? A "Patton's Dream" 1945 Soviet pack for CMFB would seem a relatively easy option, since all the TOE and modelling work has already been done for Fire and Rubble. Whether Steve thinks it's viable and worthwhile doing is another thing.
  12. Looks awesome. Might need some dock leaves tho
  13. The Big Bundle upgrade is if you own the CMSF1 base game and all the original modules. The CMSF2 upgrade key requires the corresponding CMSF1 key to activate.
  14. Same. You didn't need any other key before other than the CMSF1 Big Bundle Key. The old procedure was install Paradox CD, add Paradox version patches, install Big Bundle with all modules, patch to latest version then activate single Big Bundle key and it all worked. I've never had a CMSF 1.21 key and never needed one.
  15. For .rar files I'd always use Winrar. It works like old winzip used to on zip files. If for any reason the download doesn't work I'll let you know later
  16. Just about to purchase the upgrade, but... I'm a Paradox buyer who upgraded via the $1 upgrade then bought the "CMSF Original 3 Module Bundle" CMSF-B3V1. Do I just buy the Big $35 Bundle and the download will work and activate? The key to the CMSF-B3V1 bundle activated everything for CMSF1 including the base game. I'm holding fire after reading the requirement below, since as a Paradox buyer we had no original BF key for the base game. "Requirements The CMSF1 Base Game Upgrade works with an original Battlefront purchased CMSF1 Base Game license key."
  17. You could try Audacity. It's free: https://www.audacityteam.org/ It will allow you to record, edit, convert and export any audio to the correct wav format used by the CM series. The background wav file can be stereo, it will still play. Right clicking an audio file in windows, selecting Properties and Details used to show sample rate, bits and mono/stereo for a file IIRC, but Windows 7/8 etc now just gives a bit rate, eg 44.1Khz x 16 bit x 2 (stereo) channels shows as 1411kbps
  18. Fleeced? CMSF2 is hardly a Ponzi scheme or similar take the money and run operation, nor is it in the league of Vapourware kickstarters. The product is near completion and has hit a speed bump and is delayed. Their communication is not the best, granted, but they've not run off anywhere with anyone's millions. You seem to be over-reacting. If you're that upset about pre-ordering for a product that's missed it's release date then simply cancel the order and get a chargeback on your card or a refund from Paypal. It's not that hard.
  19. They could definitely do with someone handling PR and "Community Manager". It might help avoid threads like this flaring up unnecessarily.
  20. It's a video presumably made by a beta tester in response to complaints of lack of any information. It's not a promotional video made by someone who does that as a job, collects a whole bunch of footage with the best camera angles and action shots, all carefully directed, scripted and edited with a dramatic voice or music component to promote the game. A narrated play through like the CMFI Bear Claws AAR video of Josey Wales would be awesome, but I'd expect that sort of thing nearer release, made with the 1.0rc build of the game. Whether something like that appears remains to be seen, since BF doesn't do the promo trailer video pizzazz at all.
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