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  1. Does anyone know of something like this but for Cold War Soviet doctrine?
  2. I agree with this 100%. The way you could just sit back and shoot enemies off of hard cover before was silly. In real life it could take hours just to clear out a single apartment building. I'm reminded of the book The Forgotten Soldier by Guy Sajer. He remembered spending much of his time in combat cowering in a terrified, delusional stupor at the bottom of his hole, unable to react or do anything except lie there while the bullets and explosions crashed around outside. He wrote that a lot of his memories of combat were just a blur because of it. Green or conscript troops should ce
  3. If you have Final Blitzkrieg, try "Day of Attrition." I don't know if it's the biggest, but it might be good for testing out hardware because of the huge map and the huge numbers of infantry. There aren't many vehicles but the Germans get two full battalions of Volksgrenadiers plus a few more platoons on top of that. It's so big that I couldn't finish the scenario because the whole game crashed and bugged out halfway through.
  4. It always did seem like the guy who sits in the little chair on the 88mm gun can be remarkably impervious to shrapnel or blast or anything else. The rest of the crew will usually get killed very quickly, but there is always that last guy controlling the gun who can be really hard to kill. This is sometimes the case with other types of guns and it's been like that for years as far as I can remember. 88mm guns have always stood out to me as being especially hard to kill though. Maybe I'm wrong or it's confirmation bias or something. It's not always a sure thing and I've seen some guns get t
  5. Yeah FOG2 is good. Comparing it to CMx1 with the huge unit variety is pretty interesting. Battles can play out so differently depending on the era or army makeup. It goes from ancient Egyptians and Babylonians all the way up to Vikings. I love the big infantry shieldwalls and phalanxes but the big open cavalry battles can really be something else. They get so chaotic and confusing, where you have some units charging, some stuck in melee, others breaking off contact and falling back, others flanking, then others evading only to turn around and charge again. You get these big running cavalry bat
  6. Very good posts in this thread. I love those "OpFor rooms". I'm trying to design my first scenario right now so this is interesting. I was having trouble figuring out how to get the AI to work. I made a very small scenario for CMSF2 about an insurgent raid on an AI controlled checkpoint. All you get at the start is a small handful of guys in position to start shooting at the checkpoint to distract the enemy while another group of guys in a pickup truck and a taxi roll up from behind to try to kill as many as possible before driving away again. I wanted to make it so you had to be fa
  7. FOG2 is a cool game. Pike and Shot is another great game, made by the same people. Fighting against one of those enormous tercio formations can be really intimidating. I suppose you could say tercios were like the Tiger tanks of their day. A giant square of thousands of men that just runs right over anything in its way and absorbs any kind of punishment you can throw at it. It's like a moving castle that lumbers its way across the battlefield. It's usually just a waste to try shooting at them, because it won't do anything. It takes a huge amount of concentrated fire just to have a chance
  8. I've always had trouble close assaulting enemy vehicles. Infantry doesn't seem at all overpowered to me. They often miss their grenade throws entirely or the grenades explode in the air too early. They usually at least immobilize the target though. I just had a game of Shock Force 2 where my insurgents threw at least 7 grenades at a Stryker and still failed to knock it out. The Stryker then blew everyone to bits with its grenade launcher. Sometimes my infantry will do nothing but sit there next to the enemy vehicle for long periods even though they have plenty of grenades, and someti
  9. If you've been playing the WWII stuff for 20 years I don't think the learning curve will be very steep. IMO Shock Force 2 is easier than the WWII games because of the huge force imbalance, as long as you don't play as the Syrians of course. Some of the missions are like a turkey shoot for the U.S. military and it's possible to beat some of them while taking zero casualties. The Syrians can still give you a bloody nose if you're not careful though. ATGMs can be especially tricky to deal with. Some missions are harder than others of course, but in general I think it's easier than WWII, where the
  10. What about APS? At least when playing Black Sea, it's like a magic invisible wall around the tank. In all the other CM titles I would have to be extremely careful with my vehicles, keeping infantry screens in front etc. In Black Sea, sometimes I would do the opposite and lead an attack with the APS vehicles in front, with the infantry jogging along behind. Then I would laugh as all the enemy ATGMs and RPGs slammed uselessly against my magic shields and then I would laugh again when the enemy got blown up real good.
  11. Yeah, infantry that are very close to enemy vehicles will throw grenades (or satchel charges if they have them) in order to simulate a close assault (like infantry throwing grenades down open hatches or whatever). It can be risky to do close assaults with grenades though, and sometimes it doesn't always work. You might need a lot of guys surrounding the tank. If I was the tank though, I certainly wouldn't want to stick around even if it was just one guy! Tanks can shoot at infantry that are right next to them, but there is a very long delay. One of the limitations of the game engine is th
  12. Storming the presidential palace Anyone play Grand Theft Auto? Where it says WASTED on the screen when you die? Well... This guy is DONE
  13. These games have always had weird and sometimes funny spotting issues. There's been a couple of times now when I've had units fail to spot an enemy tank in the middle of the street at close range, but they spot enemy infantry BEHIND the tank. Then my units start shooting at the infantry, only to have their bullets bounce off the enemy tank right in front of them that they still can't see. I remember another situation where I tried to close assault a buttoned-up T-34 during a night-time scenario. I had an infantry squad run up to the tank in the middle of the street so they are surrounding
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