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  1. Infantry using the hunt command used to duck down instantly upon taking fire in previous versions of the game engine. It got removed for some reason. I don't know if it's a bug or intentional. Now, infantry getting shot at will keep moving until they get a confirmed spot on an enemy or their suppression meter goes up enough to make them duck down (often because they end up taking casualties from refusing to duck down). I'm not sure how long it's been like this now. Years? It worked better before IMO. Before, infantry were very sensitive and might duck down even when they're not getting shot at, like if an explosion went off 100m away or something. If a single bullet flew over their heads they would duck down. It made the hunt command useful for slowly creeping forward without taking too many casualties. Players would use it like a "move to contact" command. Perhaps they changed it because they thought it was too sensitive. Perhaps they changed it so that "hunt" means more like what it says - the soldiers are actively seeking out and hunting the enemy in a more aggressive manner without being too overly concerned about incoming fire. On the other hand, the normal move command has always worked the same way as far as I know. Infantry will walk forward, and if they get shot at, they will eventually start breaking out into a run unless their suppression meter gets so high that they get pinned. Only then will they duck down.
  2. So the target arcs are having no effect. I saved the game right before I ordered the FO team into that building, and each time I play the turn, the same bug happens regardless of what I do. So I can replicate the issue at least. Let's say I order the FO team to go into the building and then give a face command to the opposite side of where the bug is happening. They run through the building, out the opposite door into the street again... and then turn to face the exact direction I ordered them to: Now let's order them into the building again with a different face command, in a different direction. Same thing happens. The same thing also happens with a normal move order with no face command or target arc at the end. Interestingly, the leader of the FO team is the one who always runs through the door out into the street first. His radioman partner always goes where he is supposed to at first. He stops inside the building briefly at a normal spot you would expect, posted in front of a window. Once the leader finishes his move though, the radioman will always move to join him out in the street. So far, the suggestion of using a permanent pause command is the only thing that seems to help, but it does not solve the issue completely. This is what happens with a permanent pause command: The FO team leader moves out into the street like he always does, but the radioman stays put at the correct spot. The scenario is "Point Blank" from the Task Force Thunder campaign, using the latest Steam version of the game.
  3. German soldiers clear out buildings with StG-44s during Market Garden. German soldiers storm the town of Son, to re-capture the bridge and cut the highway.
  4. Ok now I did manage to get the bug to show up again. Same building, same doorway. I moved a two-man FO team into the building alongside the other team from the previous post, and BOTH guys from the FO team stepped out the door into the street. It didn't go so well for me this time.... I wonder if this is a problem with certain buildings or if it's something that can happen anywhere, with any building? It seems like all of the CM titles have had trouble with certain buildings before, like with doors not working properly so squads try to run all the way around the building to use a different door instead, and then getting themselves killed in the process. I know I didn't accidentally tell the FO team to move outside the building. Here you can even see the radioman in the FO team briefly stop where he is supposed to - behind the other team already in the building: After the FO stepped out of the doorway into the street though, the radioman phased through the wall to join him outside the building. They sat there about 10 seconds before the tank shell came in. This was the order I had given to the FO team: This was all using the current Steam version of the game btw.
  5. Never seen it with 3 squads simultaneously all right next to each other like that. That's pretty bad. I do see it happen now and then though. Very annoying but at least I can sometimes go through whole scenarios without noticing it or being negatively affected by it. It just happened to me again a little while ago in SF2. I ordered a five man team from a split squad into a large high-rise building. The lead guy ran into the building, through the opposite door and stopped out in the street on the other side. The building was large enough that it's not like there was a lack of space for him inside. Plus he was the first one in there. Here you can see where he first stopped, with the rest of the team filtering in behind him. He then started slowly creeping his way forward, further and further away from the building. He would stop, crouch for a second, then get up and move a few feet forward, stop and crouch again for a second, then get up and move yet again. As if he was lost and trying to find a spot to settle down but couldn't. Silly pixeltruppen. This is where he stopped the second time: And the third time: Eventually he stopped and went prone maybe 6 feet away from the wall and started getting shot at by several enemies at once. He probably took a good 30 seconds of fire but miraculously wasn't hit. I ordered the team to pull back behind the building again on the next turn. The lost guy in the street did not run back through the door behind him but ran around the side of the building instead. On the next turn after that, I ordered the team back into the same building again, same orders as before and without touching their target arc. I was hoping to see if the bug would replicate itself, but it didn't happen a second time. Pretty strange.
  6. My apologies then. I know mentioning anything political here ruffles feathers, but it can be hard to avoid sometimes with the more realistic subject matter of these games. I will try to avoid it then.
  7. It's an interesting point honestly. I still remember the sheer bloodlust so many Americans had after 9/11. How many times did I hear that we should "glass the middle east"? Too many to count. Some Americans still talk like that to this day. That was especially the case after the rise of ISIL in 2014-15. And then again just recently after the Taliban victory in Afghanistan. Back when ISIL was at their peak, politicians like Ted Cruz were saying things like "We will carpet bomb them into oblivion. I don't know if sand can glow in the dark, but we're going to find out." And then Trump said we should kill the terrorists along with their entire families. There was a poll around that time where 26% of Republican voters supported making Islam illegal in the US. People will argue about it on the internet, but I don't think people ultimately care much about civilian casualties, especially right in the middle of a front line combat zone like in a CM scenario. Drone bombing a wedding party might be different though, and certainly generates news headlines. Would dirty bombs really be that effective? They aren't nukes. Doing some cursory searching it seems like they would not really be that effective in terms of mass casualties. The most lethal threat would be from the blast itself. Few people would probably die but it would be VERY effective in causing mass panic and chaos. Radiation might spread just a few blocks to a few miles away depending on the size of the bomb, but most of the sources I'm seeing say that radiation would never get concentrated enough to kill people or cause serious illness. People are terrified of radiation though, so it would be the perfect terror weapon. If you include everyone exposed to the radiation as being a casualty, even if ineffective, then that number probably would indeed go up into the hundreds of thousands if not millions. In the financial district in Manhattan, a few hundred thousand people would be packed within one square mile on a typical business day. In Washington DC, all three branches of government are within two miles of each other. No one is going to return to work after radioactive cesium just got sprayed all over their office building. A dirty bomb attack would shut down entire cities for weeks if not months alongside collapsing the entire global economy. Just a single dirty bomb shutting down a major port city like LA would be disastrous. With all that going on, I don't think anyone would care if I blew up a mosque in CMSF2.
  8. I did make sure not to launch the big charge until I had spent several minutes shooting up the German lines as much as I could with every unit I could. All tanks on line firing, and lots of area firing on the trenches with as many units as possible. The Germans did have a few MGs still alive when I did the charge, enough to cause casualties, but not enough to pin down my entire force all at once. I remember the mines being pretty nasty too, but still not enough to halt the entire advance. My breakthrough point was right in the center of the map. I have no idea if what I did would still work if I tried it again though. I probably got lucky knocking out the German Stugs without losing any of my own tanks. Or was it just one Stug? I forget. That kind of attack would probably fail horribly if I had lost too many tanks. Tanks always seem to do the most killing in CM by far. You certainly pay more attention to troop quality than I do. I need to remember to check that kind of thing more often. It's a good idea to probe with the bad troops and save the good ones for assaulting. It always seems like the #1 thing for winning fights in these games is to just put out more bullets and more volume of fire than the other guy. When it comes to infantry tactics, sometimes I feel like the hardest part is just finding spots to put everyone where they have LOS and can shoot. I don't even think that cover and concealment is really all that important. I just try to find a way to get as many guns firing as I possibly can. It doesn't matter if your guys are wide out in the open if you are consistently out-shooting the enemy the whole time. It can be tricky with the WW2 Soviets though because you usually have to get in close to get that fire superiority with all the SMGs.
  9. I beat the Bunkers Burning scenario a long time ago with a giant massed attack straight up the middle of the map, almost human wave style. Not on my first attempt though. This was probably not long after CMRT first came out years ago. I remember trying to play like a western army at first and slowly creep my way up the flanks with small detached units but it didn't work. There was just not enough room to maneuver on the flanks and I couldn't bring enough firepower to bear. So on a second attempt I massed my whole force together just out of view of the Germans, brought down a smoke screen covering up maybe half the German line or so, then told everyone to go over the top in a huge mass. I wanted to concentrate as much of my force as I possibly could on crushing the Germans not currently covered in smoke. Ideally it was supposed to be like 100% of my force concentrated on maybe 50% of theirs. I was able to knock out most of their bunkers and heavy weapons within a few minutes, then when the smoke cleared, I could shift fire and concentrate on the other part of the German line. Once the biggest AT threats and bunkers were dealt with, I had the tanks and infantry just charge ahead across the fields. I wanted the flamethrower tanks to get in there fast, and the infantry to get into grenade and SMG range. It worked surprisingly well. The Germans were overwhelmed with too many targets at once and eventually collapsed. I have a hard copy of that book. I might have to dust it off and look at it again.
  10. I thought officers IRL would sometimes use tracer rounds to tell units where to shift fire right? I don't know how common that is/was though. So most of the men in a platoon or company might not know an enemy is there, but they see the officer spraying tracers at that spot, and everyone steadily shifts fire over to that spot even though only a couple of people in the whole platoon or company knows an actual enemy is there.
  11. I say try the default Russian 'Crossing the Dnieper' campaign. I did that one first and I really enjoyed it. It was challenging at times but I didn't think it was ultra difficult. There are some interesting scenarios and the big amphibious river crossing was fun. I don't have the battle pack add-on though. I would be interested if someone else who played them can say if it's worth it.
  12. Young people work longer hours than any other age group. They work longer, get paid less, sometimes have multiple jobs, and with the rising cost of living, are priced out of things older generations enjoyed. They are also expected to retire later than previous generations. Many young people are not too optimistic about the future and don't even expect to be able to retire at all. The generational divide among wargaming is interesting though. It doesn't surprise me that that might be a source of conflict within the community. Most people are pretty friendly and helpful, though I haven't done much PBEMing myself. I wonder what the average age is among forum users here. It kinda surprised me when CM Cold War came out to see so many posters who were active duty military during the time the game takes place in the late 70s or early 80s. That was before I was even born.
  13. I think it would be nice if there was a button to toggle between the three different stances for infantry - prone, crouched, or standing. Sometimes I just want my guys to sit or stand up so they can see and shoot over LOS obstacles in their way, yet they stubbornly stay prone no matter what you do. This is an especially big problem on maps with a lot of tall grass and crop fields that block LOS for prone soldiers. I just finished a scenario where I had to attack a strong line of dug-in troops across flat ground completely covered in tall grass and crops. There was simply no way for my infantry to shoot at the enemy. The ground was completely flat, so whenever my infantry stopped moving, they would automatically go prone down in the crops and lose LOS, yet whenever they start running again, they are completely exposed and get shot at by the enemy, who could see practically the whole battlefield while crouched upright in their foxholes. There was no high ground for my infantry to see over the crops and establish a base of fire. It was just run forward, get shot at, drop down and then lose LOS, then run forward, get shot at, then drop down again. No one could fire without getting the "reverse slope - no aim point" thing. My infantry did very little shooting throughout the whole battle. The main purpose of my infantry in that scenario was apparently to do nothing more than run around and draw fire and reveal enemy positions for my tanks to shoot at. My tanks and other vehicles did about 95% of the killing, since they were the only ones who could see above the tall grass/crops. If that was reality, my infantry would have been firing toward the general direction of the enemy the whole time they were advancing, yet the game engine just doesn't allow for that. This whole problem would be solved by just a simple button that told infantry squads to crouch. If they just poked their heads up over the crops, they could easily see the enemy and fire back at them. Problem solved. I've also encountered plenty of scenarios where I wished my infantry could stand fully upright to fire over obstacles like I see all the time in combat footage.
  14. Trying to think of a few more I've seen like this... There was one time an enemy ATG in CMRT fired at one of my tanks, missed, then the shot flew several hundred more meters and then straight through a window my forward observer was looking out of, killing him instantly. That made me pretty upset. Another time I saw an ATG fire at an infantryman standing out in the street. The shot flew between his legs and then through a building, exploding against the opposite wall. Very true. I especially like to do that in the modern warfare titles, since every single squad has their own APC with thousands of rounds of extra ammo. That way I can just light up the entire battlefield, shooting at everything in the general direction of the enemy. Shoot enough bullets and you're bound to hit someone eventually. In that CMBN scenario I was just playing where the tanker got hit, the American positions are really hard to shoot at, because I can't target them through the tall grass and agricultural fields they are hiding in. Telling my men to shoot at the ground in front of them, I know at least some of the rounds will overshoot right into the US positions.
  15. They are definitely annoying. I'd say this guy got off easy though. Wounded just light enough that he gets to spend some comfy time off the line perhaps, but not heavy enough that it's anything more than a little pain in the 'arris. That kinda reminds me of something I saw in CMSF2, where a Syrian ATGM just barely missed my hull down tank, flew past it and then slammed into a crop of trees way behind, taking out a bunch of my infantry moving beneath them. Yeah I'm sure this stuff does happen way more than we realize. I almost missed that tanker getting hit. I was about to hit the end turn button and go back to the command phase when I decided to take one last look at things and spotted that.
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