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  1. I began wondering about his reading of other posts when despite my mentioning the Dutch historian Pieter Geyl he gave me the same lecture about polders over and over again, that I almost fell asleep.
  2. Thanks Sarge. In real life I'm not quite as ugly as Crommers. But, it's a close call.
  3. So far I have been lucky with weapons "greying out" during a turn. I normally give them a Target Arc during the Command Phase and they resume firing at their previous target. I'm at a loss as to why your problem continues for the rest of the battle. Just for the record there aren't any "br**s" in this battle. You have a mixture of Tommies and Poles. Happy gaming.
  4. @umlaut That must have been annoying. Did you check to see if the MG's were undamaged? Although I imagine for all of them to get damaged would be very rare. Also, are you going to give this a whirl as the Germans?
  5. No "B***s" although the were plenty of Tommies involved in this one, with some Jocks. Taffies and Micks. And "Boy's" is correct as their commander was called Boy. A rather clever piece of word play by the designer.
  6. Are you thinking of their 1984 classic "Passage to Vlissingen"? In which Helena Bonham-Carter plays a rosy-cheeked resistance worker who's dress is always spotlessly clean no matter how many beatings she takes from the Gestapo.
  7. Some while back I was asked if I would be starting a new caption competition, but I thought that I had taken those as far as I could. But, I am happy to announce the publication of ... "Mad Addy : My granddad's part in his downfall" by Spike (the real one, not that Terrance Milligan charlatan). This (non - existent) illustrated novella will be available for the very reasonable price of 3 shillings, thruppence, three-farthing for a limited time only. Part 1. "Smile Paddy" "What's there to smile about? Some stupid fecking Cockney at Tilbury took all the Guinness off the wagon
  8. Meanwhile back in the bocage country... "Oi, Monty. Get off and milk it".
  9. Haha. I was already dead by then. It was the Stinkpots who you gave a hiding to. Leaving Crommers aside for a moment. I actually live about ten miles away from the site of the Battle of the Medway. And once on a visit to Het Scheepvaartmuseum in Amsterdam as I came to a painting of the battle I heard an English woman loudly exclaim "I thought they were our friends." Her hubby had already wandered off and didn't hear her, so I gave her a quick history lesson.
  10. I'm quite happy to forgive you. As long as you forgive the Little Gentleman in Velvet. Now can we please get back to the Eastern Front.
  11. Chuck you don't need to tell me about the "Haarlemmermeer". Nor about shipwrecks in the Netherlands, whether they be Spanish, or even Roman for that matter.
  12. No, chucky this is CMFB screenshot thread. And even with the help of a TARDIS you ain't gonna get Aleppo to Belgium. Jah Rochefort Trappistfari, as the saying goes.
  13. Wrong! It was a republic when Noddle Head and Elizabeth were living in the City of Westminster.
  14. @chuckdyke I would never rely on proximity when it comes to Dutch History. I'll stick to Pieter Geyl's writings if it is all the same to you. Of course in Limeyland some people use the word "chuck" when talking about ending a relationship. So I suppose dyke chucking could refer to Rita Mae Brown and Martina Navrattyratbag. Personally I was always more of a Chris Evert fan, probably because John Lloyd borrowed my mum's car to ferry Chris down to Eastbourne one summer. In the meantime I hope to see some Zeeland polders if we ever get a late war West Front module.
  15. Although you were happy to visualize an extra "t" on the end of "But". "Elizabeth, have you been exporting your Whitehall Palace Entire Butt to the Dutch Republic without telling me?"
  16. @chuckdyke I'm familiar with the sport of dyke leaping or fierljeppen to give it it's Dutch name. But, could you explain the finer points of dyke chucking to an ignorant Limey.
  17. I don't wish to be too pedantic but with street names like "Polderweg" and "Rosandepolder" on the north bank of the river near the Driel Ferry crossing, I think it would be fair to say that Gelderland has polders.
  18. At 11pm with ale having been taken, or bottle conditioned Bavarian Wheatbeer in this particular instance, it is a bit difficult to answer. When we had the various problems with Engine4 I did make a back up of the Games File that I had with Engine3. I'm slowly in the process of transferring stuff over to Engine4 but it is only on a "need to play" basis.
  19. An old girlfriend of mine took me to Vught once. And no we didn't, wash your filthy minds out.
  20. I think that I got it from the old repository. But if you scroll back up the page you should be able able to click on the folder I shared yesterday.
  21. I've never heard of "Dirtweasle". But, I was a massive fan of The Performing Ferret Band.
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